A Kiss In The Wind


I blew a kiss and I whispered to the wind to carry it to you.

From halfway across the world I just wanted to remind you you’re beautiful.

It’s a long journey but I’m hoping the kiss will make it.


Don’t you look at yourself in the mirror and get lost in yourself?

If that means anything at all…

Well to me it’s like you were made from perfection if there was such a material.

Then the recipe of your creation was topped of by decadence;

To everyone who would see you.

I mean if looks could kill you’d be a murderer.

Forgive me I know that’s a line that’s been overused.

But you’ve got to admit if looks did kill you’d be the worlds most guilty criminal.

So although we lack control over other people’s perception of us.

We should always remember a negative opinion neither adds or subtracts anything from our value.

We’re priceless before their words and still priceless after. 

And if you’re wondering the answer is Yes.

Yes I think you’re priceless.

By now I believe that kiss in the wind has found it’s way to you.

And you just felt something on your cheek.

It’s just me saying “Hey Beautiful” you’re beautiful.



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