A Letter To A Long Lost Friend 

In a different world at a different time,

I don’t know just maybe.

We would be closer.

We wouldn’t lose touch.

We would be there for each other’s broken hearts

And we’d be happy for one another for when we fall in love.

In fact maybe we would even fall in love with each other.

I would be able to hug you and tell the world I hold beautiful in my arms.

As if it was a commodity…

Well we live in this world and in the now.

I’m not saying it’s pointless to dream of a different path from the one we took.

But we should focus more on what really is instead of what could have been.

So my friend…

Wait can I still call you that?

I feel at times like I pushed you away and I don’t deserve your love.

But friend that’s if you still feel I’m your friend.

I’m here for you.

Distant apart I still have your in my prayers and in my heart.



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