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Heart In Hand

An excerpt from my Instagram.

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Whisper In The Wind

I might not know who you are but I definitely know who I am 

And somewhere deep I can just feel what we could be.

Walk with me for a second and just imagine the possibilities. 

Let’s not be so caught up in dreams 

That our hearts forget that we need to live.

Drowning in life’s expectations we really don’t believe.

Chasing after victories we don’t need.

Yet if you don’t see what I see

If you don’t truly hear me speak 

Ignore my words as just another whisper in the wind.


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Those intimate softly spoken touching words 

More like whispers for ears within touching distance

Words thought off when you’re all alone

To be said when you’re alone

Aching to have their own life

To just be set free

Like a butterfly coming out of the cocoon

Hoping to be just as beautiful 

Heartfelt secrets that cause lips to tremble

As one chooses to let them escape

Let me never find myself being afraid 

To confess whatever my heart says 

Not accepted today in one place

I believe I’ll get it right in the end.


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Remembering The Happiness 

Responsibility shifting into your own hands.

Your life goes from being what your parents made to what you chose to become.

Every journey being different from the next.

Every destination meaning something different to each person.

Love, live, learn!

Or live, love, laugh!

Or maybe its eat, love, pray!

Choose your three words and run with them.

Or maybe jump high enough to grab hold of something deeper.

But you’re never on your own.

The ones that are still here and all those that are gone.

I’m forever thankful for all those who brought me happiness 

Even the ones that I now meet and I don’t even bother to fake a smile at all.

I appreciate them for that once upon a time.

So that I’m not sad about what that feeling has become.


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Never Leave Me

It wasn’t just the sound not being high enough.

It was something that felt cold maybe a lack of love.

Louder was the melody and my words yet it didn’t change anything.

I still didn’t have your attention.

I was music but you had your ears cut off.

I wanted to let it go because you still had your eyes wide open.

Maybe you could see what I felt deep.

Yet if you saw me but didn’t feel me, I was really still alone.

Almost like the titanic slowly sinking with nothing to hold onto

Nothing to really live for.

But I wouldn’t let the cold ocean water swallow me.

My smile would never leave me.

Even though the loneliness didn’t fade.

Even though the pain just didn’t end.

Even If I looked sullen and forgot that I’ve always got it.

I’d remember my smile would never leave me.

Not matter how I left it.


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Beginning To The End


Tired ink smudged hands

Curses from a vulgar pen

Pressed down to write 

Yet their only indents

Barely visible through the light

Only finger prints on paper

Breaks within the pattern

Scars from a past time 

Or cuts from just a day ago

Could someone

Have that kind of understanding

To read between those lines

To look at these hands

What my fingers have left

To find the beginning 

Right through to the end

The stories I could tell

Tired ink smudged hands

Curses from a vulgar pen

I hope by some way

I maybe able to write 

To change 

To better 

How this story ends


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More Than You Know 

I clear my throat to speak even though I know I’m alone.

A speech that I’ve practised for so long.

I somehow seem to find only the lonely spaces within a crowd.

Errrmmm.. Errrmmm…

You’re more than you know, have I told you that?

I have no doubt in my mind that you’re one with the stars.

Or is it that I look at you and I see stars.

Maybe it’s a bit both.

I think the less we can define some things the more beautiful they are.

You’re more than you know, I hope you always know that.

When I see you smile, even though you don’t know it I smile with my heart.

Maybe we’re just two parts that should become one.

If not for my sweet words then maybe do it for love.

If not for love then I’ll do whatever it takes to have what’s enough.

But you’re more than you know, I hope I show you that.

Even though I’m speaking from afar at least I’m speaking from the heart.

Yet as sincere as my words are, I’m still standing alone.

You’re more than you know.

You’re more than you know…

I look around you and the more it seems like I’m the only one who knows it.