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Sing a song 

As with darkness

You embrace

Watching the sun

Slowly fade away

The stars time

They need darkness 

For them to shine

Lonely thoughts

In the moonlights face

Pain deep

Hungry passion

Screams to the heavens




Let me not

Be forgotten

A piece of me


In the daytime 

As I disappear 

With the night.


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No Name

A girl with no name.

A new yet to be discovered 

Flavour after my own heart.

Breaking out from beneath me.

Under my own skin.

Tempted and invited to just touch it. 

But is it the work of the imagination? 

Creating rivers of chocolate 

When it’s simply water filled with brown dirt. 

Yet I look at it and think again. 

My tongue waters and my taste buds strain. 

I burn with desire. 

My inhibitions are lifted. 

A girl with no name

Unlocking doors deeply hidden.

Doors revealing my unwritten desires.


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Voice From Beyond 

Below ground but somehow by someway I still breathe

I breathe but I wouldn’t call it still being alive.

This is some sort of hell maybe, 

Maybe the ones who get the fire are actually lucky.

And the rest have to live with the scent of soil on rainy day.

But in just darkness and with nothing else.

Imprisoned underground and in a wooden box.

Which I discover is much too comfortable for those who’ve departed.

Maybe it’s just a luxury afforded for the mental torture to come.

I swear I hear footsteps above me at times.

It forces me to try and scream but any noise I make barely breaks into the air.

Then I hear them talk about me 

Bluntly as if in total disrespect that their even at my grave.

Or they don’t care that I still hear them.

They say it was death by a heart attack but I know it wasn’t that.

It was simply a broken heart that leaked out all the love that it had.

Maybe that’s why I’m still here not somewhere else instead.

Move on inside and I might move on from here.


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Time is the only thing 

I wish more than anything

Could be mine

So that maybe

I could turn it back

Or move it forward 

Whichever way would 

Take me to my dreams 

And a place of smiles


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Hidden Reminders

The curtains gently swaying apart 

To let in the morning light.

A slow waltz to the rhythm 

Of an unheard sound.

Shadows in the fabric 

Twisted and tempted to touch.

Almost as if engaged 

In an impromptu dance.

Moving together in beat

Perfectly practised.

I want them to stop

Stop this motion.

Bringing back memories 

Do they know?

What their doing.

Trapping me 

In nostalgic limbo

Pulling me apart

And sending me down 

To deep places within myself 

Places I fear to explore alone


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What’s there to see?

Sunkissed flowers

The sky’s jealousy 

Blurred happiness

Confused thoughts

Nothing and everything 

Time irrelevant 

A silent horizon

Inching closer

Then moving away

Sunrise or sunset

End or beginning

Wondering mind

Raised questions 

Will the smiles last?

Even in the darkness

Or even past that

Blurred happiness 

Sunrise or sunset 

Questions unanswered 


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“Do you finally see what you’ve been looking for?

Do your eyes finally feel satisfied?

Could there be more you want beyond this?

Or am I finally one of a kind?

Your possible one and only, your only one.

Do I finally make you forget what your heart’s been through?

Do your questions of what could have been finally feel satisfied?

Could I have finally captured your wandering mind?

Or have I always been enough and you didn’t see it?

I guess you have to show some skin to get that happy ever after dream.

Get comfortable in your own being and then others get comfortable with you…”

All these questions do they all need to be answered?

I know I’m only speaking to myself and it’s not really you asking.

So much deep thoughts, emotions and complications.

But really I’m just trying to be with an angel in case I don’t get to heaven.