In a world like this I dare to dream and dream big.

Tangle my insides and inspire my heart to skip a beat.

Close my eyes in disbelief as it seems unreal what I see.

Realize that the power was always hiding within me.

Realize that we’re far greater than what we think we can achieve.

Let the nightmares fade into distant memories.

Hear my heart whisper you can be anything.

In a world like this I dare dream.

Dreams I hope to see not just when I’m asleep.

Dreams I hope will become everything.

I mean why wouldn’t you?

There’s nothing greater than making your own reality.

Working your own art into everyone’s existence.

Painting your own tide in the ocean a new version of blue.

Dancing to the rhythm of a silent room.

It might not come true…

But at least you’ll reach the sky if you shoot for something that’s out of view.

(đź“·Image credit: @theproducer2017)


Shot For The Moon

You were hidden by the stream, an unknown poison in the wild.

I was a lost soul walking through the jungle.

Silently hoping that you and I were on a collision course.

You had that burning fire and I found myself heat starved.

I didn’t want it all but I just felt if I got close

If I reached a certain point then that bliss would be enough.

Close did I get and with every moment I wanted more.

Then my soul whispered to me that sometimes all you just need is to be brave.

As our bodies danced as passionate as long lost friends.

Strangers at heart but we knew love with every touch.

We shot for the moon and sat down with the whole world for a view.

Yet you told me that you believed perfect matches didn’t exist.

I realized that’s why no one loved me like the way you made me love for two.

As I vowed to myself that I would make you believe in something new.

Poetry In The End

In the open you pretend as if you’re just simply black and white.

You have other beautiful pieces of you I know you hide.

But I want you to know you shouldn’t be afraid.

Black and white is easy and simple

But I wouldn’t mind getting lost in those hidden different shades of grey.

I don’t mind the bad weather 

I crave to be caught up in a storm.

Taken up in a whirlwind that holds me and won’t let go.

In fact I sometimes crave a crooked heart with a body made for sin.

To share with me in the dirty pages of my dreams.

Two wild animals finally set free.

Let her soft melody twist with my words and have our souls sing a duet.

The rhythm of our chemistry, having our bodies vibrate.

Then all that’s going to be left will be poetry in the end.

Dare To Walk

We always have dreams within our reach

Yet somehow the nightmares are always easier to see.

It’s funny how we find our fears easier to believe.

How our vision suddenly becomes blurry yet we saw clearly before.

How our walls of courage and confidence suddenly crumble

Even when it’s the slightest of doubts that has creeped in.

Is it the job of time to heal and fix everything?.

Are we to simply wait and hope that by times miracles 

Some day sooner or later all answers are revealed.

Or should we sometimes act to force times hands.

To push things to happen today that would have only come to life at a later date.

To feign control and dare to make fate our own.

Because if we never tried how would we know?

If we never spoke how could we be heard?

If we didn’t dare to walk we would remain in the same place.

(Image source: @chipochashe_)

In Between Deep Thoughts 

Docile enough to not be wild but not tame enough to be set free.

As if in a cage like an animal, I’m trapped within my thoughts.

Yet ever so often I find my mind yelling out to be yours.

Trying to get you to maybe let me try and love you till you’re old.

Take the journey and maybe get lost in romance.

Let two bright flames burn as one with no one getting burned out.

Take a seat on a star and dangle our feet over the never ending universe.

Serenade you with my words while you caress my heart with your laugh

Then I can’t help but breakout a smile

The world is yours and I’m there to watch it all.

Then again if only these dreams could be.

Should we just play into the hands of what fate wants to see.

Or take hold of our destiny and create a path for dreams to be reality.

Let my soul feel you and you only.

As together we forget what it means to be lonely.

Whisper In The Wind

I might not know who you are but I definitely know who I am 

And somewhere deep I can just feel what we could be.

Walk with me for a second and just imagine the possibilities. 

Let’s not be so caught up in dreams 

That our hearts forget that we need to live.

Drowning in life’s expectations we really don’t believe.

Chasing after victories we don’t need.

Yet if you don’t see what I see

If you don’t truly hear me speak 

Ignore my words as just another whisper in the wind.