Another Breath

Sometimes the greatest bravery is in just

taking another breath.

Sometimes the greatest of stories

can remain untold.

For my shoes might also be 

the wrong size

But you could take a walk

in my thoughts 

Then maybe 

just maybe 

you could 

understand the view

from my side.


Alive In The Night 

Restless are the city streets after dark.

The aroma of alcohol and smoke in the air.

There’s a tense yet secretive atmosphere.

The darkness gives life to a totally different city.

A city in which criminals shine and alive are vices of all kinds.

Appetites for whatever illegal activity are freely indulged.

Money and merchandise exchanged in the obscurity of dark alleys.

Shady characters in shady clothes.

Standing at shady street corners with seemingly shady poses.

Skin out in the open from those in skimpy clothes.

Sexual favours for purchase

The size of your wallet is your sinful limit.

It’s often best for your health to mind your business.

On the sidewalks the homeless toss and turn.

Trying to find a comfortable position on their cardboard beds. 

Groups of teenagers roam the streets.

Causing a ruckus and shouting out obscenities.

Often being found at the centre of things when violent bouts erupt.

The noticeable shock and horror, in almost everyone’s eyes when they spot a cop.

The joy this one young lady finds at his sight.

Well only this time because among all these characters she was walking alone.

This cycle of activities goes on and on hidden from people within their homes.

The sun comes up and all these things disappear.

Only waiting for night to fall again so they can reappear.

Outer Space Views

Let the shining stars

be our only audience 

As we slowly dance 

the winter night away 

perfectly leaving our


on the lonely moon

and by my heart’s love

you find yourself consumed.

(Artwork credit: @muhammedsalah_)

Those Moments…



my lips weigh heavy and I can’t curl them up into a smile.


sleep eludes me and I can’t find it wherever it hides.


I wonder is love supposed to be like that?


the greatest wounds we have don’t actually bleed.


life just doesn’t seem right


the truth is I’m not okay but I choose to go with a lie


I want to believe in hope and depression catches me by surprise.


I wonder is it okay to be angry with God?


I wonder if some answers we’ll ever know?


just sometimes not all the time.

(Artwork credit: @muhammedsalah_)

The music within THE WIND

I went outside and sat against one of the walls of my house.

A soft wind blew yet it loudly rustled the leaves

I didn’t search for a deeper meaning or further understanding 

I sat there and just listened

I sat there and stared out at this green universe

I sat without a thought 

No problems and no hopes

It was as if nothing else in the world existed

No neighbours and no other places

It was just me and my yard.

It was just my eyes and the trees

It was just my ears and the rustling leaves 

It was all a little empty but a pleasant kind of hollowness

Ready to be filled with whatever beautiful things

But then the wind grew tired.

The leaves stopped singing 

The rest of creation suddenly revealed itself again.

The air remained stagnant as if waiting for my next breath.

There was this painful silence

But a silence that came with a lot of noise

Not the noise ears could hear.

But a noise the mind feared.

Thoughts and problems that never wanted to be clear.

Yet it was a noise that didn’t hold the futures secrets.

It was just a distraction.

One if you learnt to ignore then it was defeated.

Behind Facades

Chocolate temptation 

The art of the divinely made

The taste of blessed palates

Dark skinned complexion 

That proud African perfection

The blood of kings and queens 

Heritage so regal and rich

Skin that faces the sun and triumps

As smiles of a unique strength 

Hide those gut retching battles 

You don’t see underneath.