Behind Facades

Chocolate temptation 

The art of the divinely made

The taste of blessed palates

Dark skinned complexion 

That proud African perfection

The blood of kings and queens 

Heritage so regal and rich

Skin that faces the sun and triumps

As smiles of a unique strength 

Hide those gut retching battles 

You don’t see underneath.



In an opinionated world full of blind eyes

All I’m asking for is someone who see’s something in me I don’t see myself.

In a dark world that’s struggling for a little light.

All I dream about is sharing in your sunshine.

If by some miracle our tongues told no lies

If by some miracle we spoke in the language of our emotions.

Would everything be easier or far more complicated?

For the spaces in between broken hearts are the graves 

For once beautiful dreams of love.

Sometimes haunted by the decisions we can’t take back.

We walk around seeing nightmares in every stare.

Broken can be fixed and damaged healed.

Never’s turned into forever’s

For everything is all just relative.

At times I find myself lost in my own words.

Searching for that one line or phrase that makes sense.

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You can find the first poem here; I’m Still Walking To Your Heart

The faint sound of footsteps lightly plays in the back of my mind, 

Like an old song being swallowed by the sound of the rain 

I recall your mouth close to my ear sweetly whispering words that left me lightheaded 

I felt like a soul drowning in the vibrations of loud music inebriated by the feel, addicted to the high 

Have you told me that I’m beautiful lately? 

Do you not see how I hang on to your every syllable? 

The way I coil into your tombstone of arms where I have laid my heart to rest. 

I used to call you Egypt 

How my Nile would flow just from your touch 

Letting out a river of melodies only angels can hear, 

You never felt like captivity; you my love were the Promised Land

And I… I was love’s slave to your every command 

Have you told me that I’m beautiful lately? 

Or have I become the routine you would rather avoid, 

A conversation too hollow to be anything more than formalities,

You still call me baby but I have never felt further away from your heart 

I never pictured that this is how we would depart out of our wholeness 

My heart pushed out with no harness 

Just good morning baby(s) Like a reflex you would rather do without 

Have you told me that I’m beautiful lately? 

Or you’re waiting for that precise moment when heart ache meets courage and I finally understand what it means to leave 

And living my life without you feels like a myth again 

Your morning messages become the beat to my heart again, 

And once again I remain, wandering in the murky waters of your heart…

By Danai Chirawu

I’m Still Walking To Your Heart


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

But once you take that step you have to keep on walking,

To reach your end destination.

Somehow while I was walking along the path to your heart.

I forgot that I had to always let you know your value and your worth.

To the point where I had to wonder;

If I’ve told you how beautiful you are lately?? 

Maybe it’s because I’m always thinking about you;

So I think you already know it and I forget to say it…

I know I sometimes I lose sight of what I set out to do but just listen to my words 

Let them penetrate and fill in all your hollow points.

What’s true is not always the most believable 

I mean it’s not everyday we choose to see beyond appearances.

My words no matter how good

Are only meant to paint the real and not a facade simply to woo you.

Did I tell you that you’re beautiful?

Never mind that I’ll just tell you again in case I didn’t say it.

The colours of the sun seem to shine on everyone.

Though on you I think they shine brightest.

We can have conversations of no depth;

Yet to me it still feels like we’re being intimate.

I wish I could have you in my arms, laying your head on my chest.

Tell me all your thoughts then you let me kiss away the pain…

I’m lost in the world but I’m always trying to get to that place.

From The Scars 


Smiles into the camera lens but it feels like it sees right through.

Blue summer skies and their enchanting hues.

Wondering if the world’s eyes look at me and see something beautiful?

I’m always afraid that I won’t like the truth.

Yet with all we hide, truth or lie we can’t tell who’s who?

Another day singing the same old song.

Thinking I’ve been doing the same thing for far too long.

Some day soon we’ll all grow old.

Life is one thing but it has so many roads.

I still search for answers I don’t want to know.

I stare into the camera a little more

The filter looks pretty but with my face isn’t it bored?

I hate it when time moves so slow.

Yet I find myself when I’m going through the most.

So I look back at my phone only to see beautiful.

I take a break from the same old songs.

I let hope blossom from the scars I’ve had.

I smile for every bit of pain.

I dry the tears of every false never again.

My heart won’t feel the hurt anymore.

A gift to the world I’m all that and more


A collaboration with the beautiful Chipo Biti


Its like finding yourself abandoned on a lonely deserted road.

No moon or sun light.

No sounds or star signs.

There’s only a sky made up of dull grey hues.

You don’t seem to recognize where it is.

Its all so dark and all so empty…

You look down to see the white road markings.

Showing you the middle and the ends of the road.

But on either side the roads just goes on.

You can’t see where it ends or begins

A silence too loud.

An ignorance the opposite of bliss.

Suddenly in the distance you see a car coming

Its engine is loudly humming.

At first you let yourself feel relieved

Then you realize its headed right for you

And you realise that you can’t move your feet.

Why can’t I move?

Why is that car coming for me?

Your mind is overwhelmed with questions.

As the car draws closer and closer you begin to sweat.

You finally see it has no driver

All hope is lost.

Your eyes water, tears begin to run down your cheeks…

In a crowded room or in your bed while surrounded by nothing but walls.

In rushour traffic or on a deserted street.

This is the feeling of being alone;

It’s exactly as being stuck on a road all on your own.

Sometimes its as if you’re below the ground.

Couldn’t be heard even if you made a sound.

Thinking you will never be found.

Being alone is a state of mind.

A state thats torture on its own.

I Still Believe

If I told you I was different

Would you understand the difference?.

If I told you I loved you

Would you believe me?.

If I told you to trust me

Would you fall backwards and let me catch you?.

Well it’s easy to be wanted.

It’s easy to be needed.

But wouldn’t you rather be valued?

I mean…

It’s always heartbreaking to be fighting for someone you love but you feel like you’re losing the fight.

To be hanging on their every single word yet they cling onto the words of someone else.

To be seen as a second option yet you put them before anybody else.

Well the pain has won

So from this battlefield of love I’m forever gone.

Giving up, moving on, calling it quits you can name it what you want but I’m done.

I’m done seeking the affection of another

Opening up and giving them my heart.

I wish to my emotions there was just a switch.

To turn them off because I don’t know how much more pain I can hold within.

Or if I could get a padlock and lock it, lock it and throw away the keys. 

At times like these

I pity all those who still believe;

In finding love.

In searching for a soulmate.

It’s pointless, it’s hopeless and filled with pain as far as I see.

I always feel like this before I go sleep

But I wake up in the morning and think oh stupid me.

I smile and remember there’s nothing that’s pain free.

I get out of bed ready to fight again because somehow in love I still believe.