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What’s there to see?

Sunkissed flowers

The sky’s jealousy 

Blurred happiness

Confused thoughts

Nothing and everything 

Time irrelevant 

A silent horizon

Inching closer

Then moving away

Sunrise or sunset

End or beginning

Wondering mind

Raised questions 

Will the smiles last?

Even in the darkness

Or even past that

Blurred happiness 

Sunrise or sunset 

Questions unanswered 


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“Do you finally see what you’ve been looking for?

Do your eyes finally feel satisfied?

Could there be more you want beyond this?

Or am I finally one of a kind?

Your possible one and only, your only one.

Do I finally make you forget what your heart’s been through?

Do your questions of what could have been finally feel satisfied?

Could I have finally captured your wandering mind?

Or have I always been enough and you didn’t see it?

I guess you have to show some skin to get that happy ever after dream.

Get comfortable in your own being and then others get comfortable with you…”

All these questions do they all need to be answered?

I know I’m only speaking to myself and it’s not really you asking.

So much deep thoughts, emotions and complications.

But really I’m just trying to be with an angel in case I don’t get to heaven.


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I had to be asleep dreaming.
This had to be a nightmare.
This all wasn’t for me
It simply couldn’t be
I just couldn’t believe it
I wanted someone
I needed someone
To switch lives with me
Even for a just a moment.
I just really needed an escape.
But they were no two ways
About it
Because no matter in what place
The pain demanded to be felt.


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It started out as simple as things could be

Then life woke up one day and out of the blue

It just decided it would never make sense

So nothing ever stays the same

But some things never change.


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I Hear

I hear you humming that mellow seductive tune of a song we used to love.

It pierces my heart and touches places within my soul.

Taking me back to moments forever etched in time.

And not of my own choice

My body gets euphoric at the sound of the rhythm.

The mind tempted to dance with what could have beens.

I hear you humming and I start doubting I know everything.

I suddenly feel like they are a lot of missing pieces

Then I start thinking maybe it’s alright 

To not have all the answers 

To just be one among the many who has questions that can’t be answered.

I hear you humming and I start humming too

I can’t shake it, 

I can’t get it out of my mind, 

This tune!


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Wasted energy, misdirected thoughts and our breath…

Our breath always constant always put into everything.

The strength to survive the positive and the negative.

That lucky break close on the horizon 

But funny thing is it never arrives where I’m from.

Life! This day and night all the time thing.

Repeating it’s unfair thinking one day I might be heard.

Heard by something out there that steps in and corrects it.

The wrong dreams and nightmares 

Even sleep is a torture chamber whenever I’m there.

Staying awake to run away from the curse of being a dreamer.

As terrible as it all seems it’s not all bad.

It’s not so bleak.

Though the decisions can’t simply fit into either;

What’s good or what’s bad?

Smile at your mistakes and keep the lessons fresh to memory.

Because I find it often that I ask myself.

How am I to do it right though?

When we’re all on paths we’ve never traveled before.


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Folk Tale

A time ago on a day no different from this one.

A young man met a girl 

A glow of light like none he had ever seen before.

And like all young people they talked and did things.

The girl had a vibe that vibed with him.

Soon the young man went from seeing something he liked

To falling deeply in love.

And as if in a fairytale the girl felt the same way.

Smiles and happiness was all anyone ever saw when they were together.

It was a dream come true for both.

Romance wasn’t dead! Or so they thought.

They did live happily ever after 

But only for a time.

Because like all good stories something bad happened.

A joyful union became two broken hearts.

I wish there was a good enough reason why it ended but there isn’t.

They just went their separate ways 

And the perfect relationship only survived in select memories.

A time ago on a day no different from this one.

A girl met a young man.

One who taught her how beautiful love is

And also how much torture heartbreak can be.