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Keep your eyes open but know that you won’t see everything.

Some things prefer to move under the shadow of the dark.

It’s not a genuine plan of deceit but it’s just within their nature.

Dazzled by the city lights it’s a new place when the suns down.

The hues, how beautiful are the hues?

Night time human created brightness could nearly match a late summer sunset.

Not to be outdone nature doesn’t just go to sleep in the darkness.

Nothing like the stars makes the dark so beautiful.

The moon within the view revealing a different part of itself with a different mood.

A crescent, a half moon and that not so often full bloom

It’s always known the nightlife could never exist in the day time.

The memories the dark of night could tell.

Another night 

Another Cinderella

A lost shoe and a hopeful prince going about looking at feet.

You couldn’t ask the stars to come out during the day and compete with the sun.

No matter how fast you ran you couldn’t chase and stop the sunset.

In their own time they reveal themselves.


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Only Human

I was quietly trying to mind my own business.

Searching all about for something to distract me.

Something to take me away from this moment in life.

Because even painting the rocky walls that surrounded me with my imagination had gotten boring.

But yet still I found nothing.

I looked down and searched for something long lost.

All I found though where the thoughts I was trying to run away from.

So I finally gave in, dived into the path of my recent past.

I scrolled through texts from about a month ago.

I smiled to myself 

It was something truly unbelievable 

I felt on top of the world

I felt like a king again 

But then I scrolled to texts from just yesterday.

I felt only human 

Because I realized my queen I had pushed away.


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Secrets I Want To Share

Tell me something no one knows 

Tell me something you hold close 

Maybe just whisper those words 

Words you usually speak to empty walls

Or don’t tell me anything at all

I’m just looking for an excuse to bear my soul.

To share my secrets and finally give them freedom.

Their things I want you and you only to know.

But the question is do you want to know them?

And well after you know them will you accept them?

Because I speak a little too loudly to hide this fear.

This fear I have that haunts me.

I’m afraid I’ll offer you a piece of me and you won’t accept it.

You won’t accept it and I won’t want to take it back.


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Something Perfect

The darkness disappears and it lets some of it’s secrets escape.

The morning sun lights up the faces of a forbidden love

Coming down from a lustful high that still blinds common sense

Taking pleasure in the moment the only thing common then

Happiness in having company at once lonely moments

Smiles half hidden as the mind is flooded by thoughts 

The previous night flashing again and again

Like the pages of an old forgotten photo album.

You know the physical ones

The ones you actually had to flip through with your hands

As if slowly turning back the hands of time.

Words are very few, in fact anything is barely mentioned.

Is this love or a one night stand?

No one knows and no one cares

Bodies are tangled together with unsaid emotions.

All anyone wants to do is to just stay here.

Avoid reality for a while and drown in something perfect.


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Moon And The Stars

It finally dawned that somethings were simply out of reach

The moon and the stars no matter how beautiful 

Were things for no one alone to keep 

It was an impossible feat

In all meaning of the word

Try as you might

Beat yourself up

Travel to the ends of the earth

All you’d have are tired legs and wasted dreams

Yet this is when he realized

He was indeed in love 

So if what he had to do was impossible 

He wouldn’t be the one to shy away without giving it a try.


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Kiss Me

The silence was only interrupted by every breath they took.

The sunset on the horizon overwhelmed the occasion.

The soft melody of his heartbeat

Together with his arms around her

Gave this amazing sense of calm and safety.

“Do you really love me?” she finally asked.

“I really like you,” he said.

“You’re so amazing,” he said.

“Maybe one day I’ll love you,” he said.

He touched her cheek and ran his hand through her hair.

“Kiss me,” he said.

“I just want this moment to be forever,” he said.

But to her there was nothing he said.

For so long she had told herself this was love.

But it was just;

“I really like you” and “You’re so amazing,” as he had said.

Yet she smiled and told herself at least he was being honest.

So she turned her head and kissed him.

But only this time she had her eyes open.

If only in this moment she realized you deserve what you accept.


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Calling Out

I’m calling out

I’m calling out

But I remain unheard

I remain ignored

Heartbeat echoes around me 

Deafening intensity of life and death

Never going silent

Never taking a break

I can’t hear myself breathe

I can’t hear myself think

I’m calling out

I’m calling out

But not for help

I’m doing alright

My internal screams

Are just really for me

I want you to stare and see

Yet be in disbelief 

I’m calling out

I’m calling out

But I’m going to stop

I no longer mind defeat

Your heart

The place you took me in

The place I got lost

I encountered locked doors 

But you wouldn’t give up the keys