Chronicles Of A Poem For The Potential #WinterABC2022

I am a concept not yet fully grasped by most.

I am a bird finding my wings but they were never lost.

I am an artist with a blank canvas waiting for the brushstrokes of tomorrow 

I am not the mistakes of my past but the dreams of my future.

I am not valued based on opinions but I choose my own worth.

I am a bold spirit embracing my destiny with open hands.

I am not a whisper but I drown out the doubts on these speakers with my roar.

I am what they choose to speak about but yet they don’t know.

I am not a rising sun or a sunset but the light of my heart is always on.

I am not a raging inferno but everyday my fire grows.

I am the heartbeat of a billion drums

I am the flow of a nile of tears 

I am people 

I am colour

I am pride

I am love

I am more

I am Africa!

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