Chronicles Of The End Of Another Lockdown


We’re approaching the end of another week and for almost 14 days straight, “Dem loot dem loot dem loot” has been ringing in my head. Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono switched up his usual approach to the fight against corruption by making a hit record. The song probably now has more versions than votes Museveni genuinely got in the elections. Some people say it won’t change anything but I beg to differ. It will most definitely piss off the corrupt government officials, after all what would a guilty conscience hate more than a song that calls you out playing everywhere. As for justice for those corrupt officials, I’m starting to think it only comes in the next life.

Speaking of Hopewell Chin’ono he’s earned himself The Gatefield People Journalism Prize For Africa for his actions in the past year. A Norton legislator was arrested this morning for “violating Covid-19 regulations” and he was claiming persecution immediately after his arrested. He claimed he wanted to expose a minister who’s targeting him but then we’ll never know. The same legislator was once part of the ruling party and when he got kicked out he said Zanu PF was a bunch of “gay gangsters” or something else along those lines.

So the first lockdown of 2021 has been a rather eventful one. Some of Zimbabwe’s most popular Dj’s and producers hosted a “super spreader” concert, went on run, handed themselves over to police, pleaded guilty, got sentenced then applied to a higher court to overturn their sentence, now they’re out on bail and are releasing music. A journalist got arrested on charges that are no longer in the constitution, they decided to fight the constitutionality of the charge, they lost, they applied for bail a bunch of times, they lost then they finally got it and now they have a hit record and an international award. It makes you think why haven’t you turned your fortunes around already?

The government recently said it didn’t know what vaccine to buy and I was angry at first but then you have to applaud the honesty. Yet the honesty might also reveal incompetence but I’m not surprised by incompetence from government officials but it’s the honesty that truly tells me we’re fucked. But I guess they’re trying not to look like Cyril Ramaphosa who had the whole televised event on multiple channels, of him receiving the Astrazeneca vaccine. Only for it to turn out the vaccine is expiring in April and it’s only 22% effective in preventing the mild symptoms of the N501Y (South Africa) variant of Covid-19.

Zimbabwe’s Covid-19 statistics

Well the lockdown was set to end on the 15th of February, just in time for us to avoid Valentine’s Day and the numbers seem to promise and end to this latest episode. We’re a few days away from freedom but then could it be a looming disaster? South Africa has announced it’ll open the Beitbridge border post (shared with Zimbabwe) on the 15th of February. I’m wondering if that won’t trigger another spike in cases which will eventually lead to another lockdown and we’ll be stuck in this unhealthy cycle.

Since the government doesn’t know what vaccine to buy I wonder what doctors think? After all we’re in a pandemic, a medical emergency and hence why not let medical personnel lead? Science can’t be political. And we also China and Russia who’ve announced they’ll be donating vaccines to us which seems like a noble effort. The government also said they had set aside $100 million for vaccine purchases then the minister of finance started talking about raising taxes to recoup costs and he was crowdfunding vaccine finances. You can find the Zimbabwean government right next to the word confusion in the government.

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  1. Tino says:

    It’s been a while mess hasn’t it? Sometimes I block out the news because the hits just keep on coming

    Liked by 2 people

    1. teemadzika says:

      You start wondering if anything is going right?


  2. IW says:

    The vaccine news seemed to bring hope now they are confused which one to get. *Sighs*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. teemadzika says:

      The problem is that politicians want to make medical decisions. The minister of information has no business being part of the decision on a vaccine


  3. GG says:

    a hot mess 🥴


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