Chronicles Of Ghost Writing


I haven’t been here a while. I mean properly being here. I’ve posted something here and there but it wasn’t really me. It wasn’t something off script that I began with no idea where I’ll end but it was all pre-planned. I wrote up a few poems in the notes and I had saved them for a rainy day and November has been very rainy. The semester began in November and well I got a job. I’m getting paid to blog now so I have to neglect this space. This space were my authentic self is shared instead of the commercial blogging robot I’ve become.

To say I “blog” as job is even a stretch though because my title is actually “ghost writer”. The background machine, the guy stuck in the radio singing for you to hear music, the… I think you get the point now. I’m part of a commercial machine driven to keep you hooked every morning on trivialities. I think I’m good at my job although I’ve been fired and rehired in less than two months. The first moments into the job, I thought to myself so since I don’t get credited for this work I can probably say whatever I like.

But you see my bosses select the subject matter, so I can say what I want about what they want me to talk about. Freedom? No at all, you just get a shield from public criticism but you’re also blocked from taking credit for when you excel. So it’s been an adjustment. I write for a platform you might use but I can’t tell you about it because confidentiality. So it sucks but I like money, I like it a lot and so I carry on. I feel empty though without my poetry warming my heart, my social commentary keeping me company, my satirical takes on African politics making me laugh and my delving into fantasy helping me escape.

If any other ghost writers are reading please direct me to the support group. Also do we meet with our real identities or those of the people we write for? Anyways you guys should checkout my FOOD BLOG. I realised I love to eat and I love to write so the two must forever be united. I’m also now a contributor on GREEDYSOUTH so Zimbabwean writers and other artists should really get themselves known there. Can you tell I’ve been busy?

It feels like a worthwhile way to end the year, maybe make money for Christmas. Speaking of which anyone want to exchange Christmas gifts with me? I’ll get you socks and you can get me something expensive. I really need that support group though, I can’t believe how annoyed I get when I see my work out there on the internet but without my name. Now let me see what I’ve been missing out on your blogs. I also have three books I’m currently reading and I need to finish.

Speaking of which are book reviews easier to write than well thought out blog posts? Maybe I just regularly rant can’t let this place miss me too much. Anyways I hope something good is happening in your life.

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  1. TF says:

    Congrats on making money, I guess haha… Life can be confusing sometimes you get what you want and loose a part you like … I hope you get that support group, I’ll help asking around haha. This was a nice read, do ghost writers share links to their ghost work though …

    Peshy xx

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  2. IW says:

    Interesting read, i commend you for doing ghost writing. I did it once and it’s painful to not take credit for the work. Keep it up though

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    1. teemadzika says:

      It really is painful but the pay is alright lol


      1. IW says:

        As long as they pay well 😊

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      2. teemadzika says:

        It’s not even that well but I survive. Where does one buy your book in Zimbabwe?


      3. IW says:

        That’s good at least. I’m working on getting the book Zim, keep an eye out for update on my social media


  3. Beaton says:

    I think I did a mini side rant related to doing things you can’t take credit for…
    I mean you can’t even tell anyone else that’s my ish, I did that!!!
    Anyhoo here’s to money may we have enough of it to do the things we genuinely love to do.

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    1. teemadzika says:

      I remember seeing that rant lol. It was before I started this gig and I thought why is he complaining when he has a job? But I get it now.


  4. GG says:

    Bestie has been busy👏🏾👏🏾. I have never done ghost writing I can just imagine the feeling of seeing your work and not being able to claim it publicly. Love the food blog, can’t wait to try some of the places you have featured when I’m in Zim


  5. henhouselady says:

    I love your experience as a ghost writer. It’s hard to rant when you like money. I hope you find your support group.

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    1. teemadzika says:

      I might just form the support group myself


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