Chronicles Of Covid-19 And Some Of It’s Scams

This blog does not pay any bills but put your hands together for my new logo. A gift from a friend. I’m putting more effort into graphics and all that other stuff because apparently people don’t read anymore and you need visual stimulation to keep their attention.

It’s a new month. Well the month arrived a couple of days ago but I guess it’s still new. It’s like when you buy a secondhand car but everyone says you bought a new car. The English language is clearly based on perception or social constructs and grammar is just suggestive. That’s why when you’re under the rule of a dictator it’s called a bad situation meaning something detrimental to your health but if Cristiano Ronaldo shoots a winning goal from distance and we say that was bad then it was too good.

I would just like to say this is a public service announcement to let you know that this blog shall be taking part in #ScamTember. Well what does this mean? I don’t really know how we’ll go about it but we’ll talking scams here and there. Scams I’ve been a part of and others were I’ve been a victim and you know scams all over the world. I bumped into this idea on Beaton’s Blog and you should check him out. He’s as lyrically gifted at story telling as me or even better but I just have the better hair. Maybe his hairdresser scammed him.

Anyways remember when we were all scared of covid-19 and we thought it would be end the world? Now all we have are covidprenuers, social media and protests. Covid-19 is the biggest scam in the world. There’s always a new scam around every corner in all corners of the world.

The first covid-19 scam comes from my country, my home, Zimbabwe. The home of hyperinflation, corruption, the most friendly people you’ll ever meet and 5 world heritage sites. A while ago the president announced a donation of $60 million dollars from a company called Drax which later turned out to be the government actually paying $60 million to Drax. The company also happened to be under investigation by interpol which was baffling how it got close to government contracts.

It probably was the guy programming up the teleprompter or the cameraman or the news services or the ministry of health or the Drax company itself that set up my president. Maybe they did it all together and then investigative journalists exposed the entanglement which brought us here. But well a few ended up arrested or in hiding and it was both on the side of those involved in corruption and exposing it.

Moving along to South Africa just south of home, the beautiful rainbow nation. Home to beautiful people, beautiful beaches, amazing safari and the birthplace of Amapiano. It was recently reported that a dead man was awarded a tender worth around a million rand ($500 000) for PPE supply. Apparently his relatives were shocked to find out about it so I wonder how he submitted the application? South Africa is also looking into allegations of the mishandling of a 500 billion rands ($26.3 billion) Covid-19 relief fund. The money was there one moment then gone the next.

Over to the distant north of my present location and the home of some of my favourite bloggers we have Uganda. Home to the chaos of Kampala, Kibale national park, Bobi Wine and that other guy who won’t go into retirement. Four top officials were arrested earlier in the year for fraud in procurement of Covid-19 food aid. Recently an ambassador and his deputy were called back from Denmark after being recorded plotting to enrich themselves from Covid-19 aid. Why do you have snitches around you? Oh well I guess if you’re stealing aid in a pandemic your thought process will always be flawed.

In the land of the free, the home of the brave, the place Africans should avoid because for most of us our skin colour could be hazardous for our health. Yes in the USA people have lost over $80 million to COVID-19 scams. From stimulus checks to unemployment benefits. There isn’t a lot of noise about corruption over there but people I getting screwed none the less. Jeff Bezos has also made over $80 billion this year alone and if amassing such wealth isn’t a scam then I don’t know what is.

He’s worth over $205 billion now. Some of you will defend that because you either want to be him or you’re hoping to be a billionaire too. But that shit is not right in a world full of hunger and starvation.

Well after 43 days in prison the award winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono and the Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume have finally been given bail. The high court judge said the magistrate had erred in denying them bail. Erred? Wow. You know another scam in these Covid-19 times, the Zimbabwean justice system.

What got scammed on your side of the world?

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  1. Beaton says:

    I will have you know because of lockdown I have become my own hair dresser -slash-loctician
    😁😁 who do we talk to, to get an emoji with dreadlocks????

    Can one scam themselves???


    PS cool logo who dis 😁 half thoughts

    Liked by 1 person

    1. teemadzika says:

      Hahaha yes you can scam yourself. I think we did that to ourselves on the land thing


      1. Beaton says:

        We playing ourselves


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