Chronicles Of Netflix Or HBO?

There’s nothing as woven into our daily lives as television and social media. Television being inspired by social media and also social media conversations being inspired by television. It’s a push and pull relationship or is it give and take. For a writer I don’t seem to know a lot of these things. I just wing it, muddle my way through and hope in the end I have a masterpiece. I know a lot of people hate reading but almost everything on screen is inspired by a great literary work.

So Netflix and HBO I hope you’re reading this. If you’re not it’s alright I have a fallback plan.

Game Of Thrones. Arguably one of the best tv shows to ever be made. I know someone is saying it’s not and that’s why I said arguably dammit. If you’re one of those who haven’t seen this on tv but you’re a fan of fantasy then I highly recommend it. The books the series is based on are even better. I consider myself a fantasy afficionado. It started with Harry Potter and since then the relationship has never stopped. I loved fantasy so much, I started writing my own tales and well they’re some great reading (If I ever let other people read them).

So let’s talk about HBO! The company that brought Game Of Thrones to life on our tv screens. It is based on the work of George R.R. Martin (One of my favourite writers). A series of books called A song of ice and fire (The first book in the series is called A Game Of Thrones. The thing about fantasy novels is that they capture the imagination like nothing else so it’s extremely difficult to bring them to life on the tv screen in a way that is worthy but HBO delivered, ignoring season 8 of course. Anyways hold on to that thought for a moment.

In comes Netflix! Well they’ve been here for some time but finally they’ve properly announced themselves in the fantasy genre. The Witcher is phenomenal. I watched season one over a single weekend and downloaded the books the Monday after that. I couldn’t do anything else but read and in just over a month I finished all the seven books in the Witcher series. GOT was good but damn I’ve found a new love and space must be created in my heart.

So a small comparison of the two; HBO and Netflix

HBO Top 5

Game of thrones

The Wire

The Sopranos

Boardwalk empire

Silicon Valley

Sub – The leftovers

Netflix Top 5

The Witcher

House of cards

Orange is the new black


Stranger Things

Sub – Narcos

On further comparison I still can’t choose but I guess I have to give it to Netflix. They’re doing amazing work as far as broadcasting the work of African creatives to the world. So for a brand I would love to work with I would choose Netflix. Well only for the beginning because I would love to go into business by myself. Create my own company and a workspace for everyone. Produce more educative programming on mental health and bring Africa to the world.

#WinterABC #WinterABC2020

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  1. Mugwisi says:

    Stranger things moto

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Netflix is a good pick. But you shudda gone with HBO. Insecures’ a bomb too by HBO.


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