Wednesday Share A Creative #5

There’s something about storm clouds on the horizon. It could be the scent of rain that’s lifted into the air or is the scent of the land anticipating the coming water. There’s just this calmness that falls over me as the floodgates open. My thoughts race a little less and the problems seem somehow smaller.

It’s also the perfect time for me to write, I don’t know how it works but inspiration just flows. The words are easier to put on paper and I don’t know, I guess with rain creativity also falls from the heavens.

So it’s a Wednesday again, happy hump day and everything. Why do they call it hump day though? The internet is awash with #WCW’s and all those that watch it unfold from the sidelines. But well I’m here to talk about a blogging crush, yes it’s a thing people believe it. It’s the fifth week now so you should be all caught up on Wednesday blogging crushes.

Anyways as I’ve said times before let creatives uplift each other because it’s up to a community to raise itself from within. We’re nothing without each other. It’s all in the avocados they feed the mind. Well let me introduce you to this sunshine on a cold winter day.


I hate it when people tell people in pain to block their feelings. When you block them you just pile them up somewhere in you and one day you are definitely going to self destruct. Feel it all in order to get past it, the sadness, the anger, the hopelessness and the heartbreak. Just feel it…

I felt that! That’s except from her post titled ZERO WAYS TO DEAL WITH LOSS. It felt like something entirely written for me and you get to truly understand how certain things are just universal.

Nobuhle writes so wonderfully and beautiful that her words something inside of you. It’s deeper than things just on the surface and I love reading her work. I love forward to reading even more of her words.

I do not think we get over loss completely. Their absence can never be filled so that gap lives on. What we deal with are our emotions, our pain, anger etc. We cope, we find our footing and just live but the loss itself forever exists. We find ourselves doing little things that our loved ones would have appreciated because their absence pushed us to fill that gap that would have made them smile.

Here are a few of my favourite posts:



Side note: Writing is an art that shares more than just words and someone sharing their story is not a minor level of opening up.


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  1. Ngiyabonga!! Glad my writing is speaking, I’m motivated.

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    1. teemadzika says:

      Thank you for sharing your words😊

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