Wednesday Share A Creative #4

Now this is what you call craving solitude. Away from everyone and almost everything, just you and your thoughts and a whole lot of trees. I could see myself staying here, not for life though but maybe just for a while like a long peaceful week. No one even within earshot and you can deal with all of your ears alone.

In fact this is more than just craving solitude it’s being tired of the world and I get that too. Sometimes I’m just sick of everyone and this kind of escape seems like a good idea.

So it’s a Wednesday again, happy hump day and everything. The internet is awash with #WCW’s and all those that watch it unfold from the sidelines. But well let’s talk about a blogging crush, yes it’s a thing people believe it. It’s the fourth week now so you should be all caught up on Wednesday blogging crushes.

Anyways as I’ve said times before let creatives uplift each other because it’s up to a community to raise itself from within. I starting to sound a little profound if I do say so myself. It’s all in the avocados they feed the mind. Well let me introduce you to this spring in the middle of the ocean.


Firstly because of my vanity I’d just like to say I’m the one who has the better dreadlocks. Beaton will probably argue with me about this but we both know I’m right. We should probably just doll a poll soon to end the argument (I’m joking it’s not that deep).

He’s one of the very first Zimbabwean bloggers I came across after starting my own blog. I was clueless and a bit confused about what grammar meant but he was always there to offer support and the little how to’s on using wordpress. We’ve been interacting on this blogging journey for a few years now and it’s one of the good friendships I’ve made through wordpress.

I don’t think I could do Beaton’s work justice, he writes with an ease I’m still trying to figure and he makes conversation entertaining. Although he might be a little addicted to coffee but aren’t we all. Please visit his blog and let his words speak for themselves, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Well here are just few of my favourite works, it was truly hard to choose;

Of Coffee With Mental Poverty, Pettiness And Miracle Cures

Of A Woman’s Worth

Of Coffee With Petrichor

Note; Dreadlocked minds think alike or so I’ve been told. So if you love my work you’ll definitely love his but be fans of both because I have a phobia of writing for no one to read amongst other things I fear.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Beaton says:

    we will have to do a poll then after that we fight anyhoo also my locks are longer hands down !!!!!!
    Thanks hey we been friends on this here blogosphere auld lang syne
    here’s to making it legendary and immortalizing ourselves the best way we know how by writing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. teemadzika says:

      Hahaha we’re definitely having that poll then, longer isn’t always better!!!!!!! We’re writing ourselves into a history book somewhere✊🏾

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha! I love the argument between you and B about who has the best locks!

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