A Corrupted Mind: Chapter 2

Genre: Suspense

If you missed out on the previous chapter you can find it here.

The rocky hills of Chishawasha were in the background as I turned the pork chops on the wood fired grill. It was a relaxed Sunday and I was getting ready to watch an early game of football. Layla had gone with our daughter to church and well I just didn’t feel in the mood for a crowd. Plus it didn’t get better than grilled meat, alcohol and a good football match on a day like this.

That’s when I got the call I had been waiting for. The operation was finally going ahead and with it I was going to be fully funded for a life beyond my means. Well according to my bank and salary but other things are always lurking beneath. Zimbabwe survived by a lot of things that were not recognized by law and these murky avenues of lies and deceit is where I lived my life.

I hadn’t chosen for my life to go this way but a lot of things were beyond my control. I also admit I had made a mess of all the things I had the power to change. My dream had been to become a lawyer but all through school my grades were not enough and as I got lost in the high school and pre-college life I ended up with just the daydreams of becoming a billionaire.

They were a lot of twists and turns and somehow I ended up becoming a police officer. At first the life was rather unfulfilling but I soon got myself in the right positions and started associating with the right people. Pretty soon money was no object, well it less of an object than what I experienced growing up. I didn’t have as much as what I thought I would have in my daydreams but I was doing quite well for myself.

In my current six by four cell I keep thinking about that moment. I thought I was home and dry yet I didn’t know it had all been a set up. I was played. At an early hour as I was about to fall asleep, they burst into my hotel room. Four men heavily armed and in plain clothes. I thought I was about to take my dying breath. I didn’t scream or shout, in fact I barely reacted.

I just sat on the edge of my bed and tried to assess my options but there was no exit strategy here. No point with enough free space to go through and make a run for it. So I just told myself to remain calm and collected.

They didn’t even allow me to get fully dressed, so while in my boxer shorts they handcuffed me from behind. In an embarrassing state I was paraded through the corridor into the elevator and through the reception. At a painfully slow pace.

It had only been 9 PM and life within the hotel was still ablaze. In fact as we waited outside the entrance for the car that was to take me to jail. A small crowd had gathered by the reception.

I still replay everything in the back of my head though I don’t know what that will change. I’ve calculated and recalculated everything. The plan had gone off without a hitch and I still don’t see how they could’ve got a hold of my name. But by all the power I have in me, I’m always out for revenge and I know I’m going to get it.

I’ve had a lot of time to think. I know a couple of months on the outside doesn’t seem so long but alone in a tiny prison cell you have the time. I am one of the lucky ones in that I don’t have a roommate and that’s thanks to the fact that as a former police officer, I am friends with a lot of the guards. And because of this I’m easily granted favours. Though sometimes on a late sleepless night I’m not too fond of sleeping alone. I crave even a half decent conversation.

There is still a lot of tension between myself and the other prison inmates. In my sort of prison crew there is about seven of us. One is a guy I knew way back in high school, his name is Patrick and I still don’t know the whole story but he ended up involved in some car smuggling operation from South Africa.

There’s also Brian, Tatenda, Brave, Nigel and Gabriel. At mealtimes and when we often go outside for what’s termed recreational activities we hang out together. I’m always the go to storyteller and do I have a lot of stories to tell…

If you’re still intrigued you can find the next chapter here.

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