Cautionary Tale

Genre: Flash Fiction

The cautionary tale was told to all those who would listen. The ladder by the lake was no place for children! Even the grown were told not to dare go there. The ladder went deep underground and rose up literally into the heavens. Those that climbed it high into the sky when never seen again and those that climbed down into the depths of the earth would later be found floating in rivers lifeless and shriveled. But as with all worthy advice the cautionary tale was ignored by some. Those who simply didn’t care or those who fell victim to curiosity. There was a young bird who dared to venture here. You must understand even in the animal kingdom the warnings were stern. But he went there and stood right on the warning sign, looking above and below. He feared going into the darkness underground and he knew his kind couldn’t swim. So he flew and landed on the ladder in order to climb. Don’t ask me why he didn’t just fly and follow the ladder into the sky. The air around the well wasn’t the most conducive to common sense. So he landed and began to climb but after a while, tired and sweating he couldn’t stop. He kept going on and on. Night and day weaved together. He climbed non stop all the same. Try as he might to fly away the spirit of the ladder in the well holds him in place.

-The End


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