As every ticking second goes by the realization looms.

We live in a time of so many unspoken truths.

Silent head nods, smiles and winks.

Words cleverly hidden in between the lines 

But we really hope people never get it.

We just let out little hints to ease our conscience.

When secrets finally escape and the confinement of our feelings finally cracks.

We pretend as if we had already said our peace

The hesitation we had to answering certain questions

The times we glanced away as we heard our names mentioned

Semi telepathic conversations 

Truly distant in the desire to share whatever we want to express.

So now even the blank spaces have a message

The Instagram pictures quoted no caption are a caption

Texts not replied are a reply of their own

And trust?

What trust?

Slowly the loyalty of everyone is becoming questioned

As the world becomes paranoid, thinking every soul has hidden bad intentions

Yet maybe it’s just a few bad apples spoiling the basket.



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