Right There!


In the blinding darkness I awake 

A blank screen before my eyes 

No light

Not even the outline of objects before me

Has the sun come up yet?

I don’t know 

Maybe, maybe not

I don’t panic but fear has such a hold of me.

Is this it?

A goodbye to colour and pictures.

A cruel twist of fate and karma from past actions.

I feel my way through the air in front of me 

I know I’m in my room.

But I’ve already forgotten it

Without seeing it, it feels foreign.

And I’m rudely informed of the presence of a wall.

You know when you hit your small toe on the wall’s corner.

I screech in pain and it echoes back to me.

Foot throbbing tears escape.

A sudden sliver of light comes my way.

I suddenly remember I haven’t been blinking.

My eyes have been wide shut.

I raise my eyelids and I finally see again.

I was searching for the complicated.

A difficult answer to a simple question.

Passion misdirected.

Chasing what doesn’t deserve our love

Makes us all blind men.

Right in front of us.

All we need might be there.



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