Do You Exist?

Barely audible whispers of things you keep to yourself.

Heartfelt hidden secrets and untold fears.

The abyss in your mind that sometimes overcomes hope.

Right there in that place where you’re most vulnerable 

I want to know you there like no one else

Have your soul naked before me.

I want my arms to be your safe place 

Your escape 

Your light in the dark

Your warmth on a cold day…

The doors rarely unlocked and a side of you not for public eyes.

An abundance of forbidden fruits and good dreams.

The desires even your heart is afraid to admit.

Let me be there to take the journey with you.

To travel into the unknown and come out with a victory.

Rip benefits strictly for you and me.

Become one.

Spirits entwined.

But then again I still haven’t found you.

And I don’t know if I’ll ever do.

A soulmate that only lives in my words.

I have you in my dreams and I just hope they never end.



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