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Just The Same

In the distance a lovers soul roams the sad corridors.

Long gone are the days she used to just sit back and look pretty.

Before the attention faded

And she had to put herself out there in the world.

Where she learnt how cruel it could all be.

In crowded streets she felt alone.

The loneliness drove her to soul searching.

She found herself yet her heart still wanted someone else.

But life’s joy came back to her.

Confidence filled her every step.

And she walked through the flames but didn’t burn.

She met face to face with fear but wasn’t scared.

For she now knew what was in her heart was stronger than anything out there in the world.

Something greater had told her, she was just as special as everyone else.




Poet |Fiction Writer |Wannabe Comedian |Food lover |African |Zimbwabean

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