Lonely Heart

Day dreams giving exaggerated hopes a life.

A tender kiss is just behind closed eyes.

Happiness hidden in the whiff of her scent.

A deeper touch felt even with open eyes.

Just like an oceans waves I drift in and away.

My heart drives me in and doubt in my mind chases me back.

A story that has a beauty whispered about again and again.

Due to the fear of stating things already known.

But maybe it doesn’t matter.

I mean everyone probably wouldn’t mind hearing something good from time to time.

I dare to let her know she’s beautiful.

This morning.

And then the next.

And the one after that.

She smiles.

She blushes.

I smile and finally breathe again.

Do I dare to tell her more?

The way she makes me feel.

What she sees everyday in the mirror

Is a dream that sticks my heart inside my throat.

I couldn’t say the word beautiful enough.

I couldn’t paint the picture of my soul’s vision.

I’m simply human.

I fall 

And sometimes I fall hard.

A day dream and a lonely heart.

An exaggerated hope of finding her love.



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