Let Go

A glow of light like a shining star in the nights sky.

In fact not just another star but one that outshines the rest.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the words for the language of our dreams.

I mean isn’t it crazy how everything seems to be.

If only I could reach out into the space in front of me 

And by some miracle grab hold of you.

So I could tell everyone yes I’ve touched beautiful before.

Though I know the word beautiful is overused

I still believe in it’s value 

I think it’s priceless when someone says it and it’s true.

Like when I said if I could hold you l would be holding beautiful.

You should excuse me at times I lose my self control.

Maybe it’s not even losing it it’s me just letting myself go.

Judging by what I’ve done to you with my eyes

I’m going to need shades that have birth control.

You have me feeling faded as if there’s a drug I’ve been on.



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