To Her Whose Name I Won’t Say

In the time it takes for a single breath.

Falling in love…

Being in love…

Forever and beyond are blended together.

To people like you

Who strum the keys of my heart.

Yet remain oblivious to the effect they have on me. 

I sometimes feel I should remain unknown to them.

Stay in the shadows.

Passionately desire from afar 

And tell my self I might be desired back.

It’s not a reflection on you as a person.

But maybe it’s nothing deeper than your beauty attracting me.

Just the eyes being seduced

To the point were the body wants to take a bite.

To give in to a lustful temptation.

I know a part of me craves something much more.

Something deeper than the body’s touch.

But would it be so bad.

For me to just want nothing else

Than to be acquainted with your body’s sweet depths.

To lose myself in the pleasure of tasting your skin.

Then again…

My thoughts might only come true one late night.

In those rare passionate dreams.

Because the thoughts not shared are never completed.

And the fantasies the heart keeps to itself never exist.



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