Just Alive

Crying first before knowing laughter.

Open arms among other things.

Yet nothing is owned or owed to us.

Just another face among the masses.

Waiting on our chance to rise up and out.

Baptized in expectations.

Trained in the simple.

But told to desire the exceptional.

Advice handed out is worse than being clueless.

Have hope but not too much hope.

Dream but be realistic.

Chase what you love but have something to hold onto.

All is lost until a purpose is discovered.

Not something out there in the world.

But something deep within our souls.

A map of sorts we have internally from birth.

One that already has our end destination

Even before we know it.

It becomes our choice to chase it.

Or remain moving with the waves and drifting with the wind.

I don’t know if we all discover it.

But I know that most like myself.

Want to be more than just alive.



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