Romance Filled Heart

Calling it love at first sight wouldn’t be quite right.

But it was maybe something along the same lines.

No that would be lying, 

The truth is first time I saw her I didn’t pay her that much attention.

She just drifted through the picture as my mind dwelled on other things.

It was so much so that on our second meeting.

I couldn’t believe it was the same person.

In my eyes was a dream I didn’t want to disappear.

A stranger I ached for, like the only lover I had ever known.

It wasn’t long before the word love was thrown around in my mind.

And images of forever became the ever present day dream.

I didn’t completely know her,

But instead of just touching what people see she had touched something I kept deep within.

I had merely kissed her on the lips.

But I had gone far enough to know her flavour invigorates the palate, has saliva flowing from all ends and the tongue tingling as it’s tickled by something unforeseen.

I hadn’t seen her naked.

But I had felt the beautiful soul that lied underneath and would be left when everything was stripped off.

We were kindred spirits I led myself to believe.

Simply strolling through the jungle together until we found home

Or until one got lost and each had to take their own path.



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