Unknown Travels

In the darkness filled corridors ruled by unknowns.

A man dares to go.

A treacherous journey that shrinks even the greatest of egos.

A step into a kingdom were a blindman would be king.

Where sight means less than nothing and vision is all that matters.

A thunderous heartbeat for company.

Goosebumps and stiff air as constant as nightmarish thoughts.

Half way in, it all feels like a nightmare.

But the difference is that nightmares stop.

Whispers within the blank spaces

Shadows seen yet in this place light is non existent.

Almost always running into something but the space ahead turns out to be empty.

The mans head remains above the water.

Yet his feet won’t touch the ground.

Almost slipping beneath but somehow he breathes on.

Only just surviving.

Dreams yet to be achieved pushing him on.

But for now.

A man steps in the nothingness unfulfilled.

Burning desire within making almost fading way that much amazing.

Part of him afraid he might die with the next step.

And another part of him afraid he won’t.

Everyday he could meet something that makes it his last.

Yet this doesn’t stop him from living on even in the dark.



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