Only Memories Remain 

The day we met my life changed. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, I mean I know I’ve always had a thing for exaggeration. In a single moment you evoked emotions within me I didn’t know existed. A treasure of feeling hidden behind layer upon layer of skepticism.

The day we met I found happiness, joy in all it’s purity, I mean I felt fulfilled. I looked into your eyes and found a thousand reasons to smile. I heard you laugh and my ears had the time of their life.

The day we met I immediately never wanted to be alone again. I felt I had found a piece of me I didn’t know was missing. A perfectly carved shape that would simply fit in without an inch out of place.

The day we met I wanted to remember every moment. Capture it in my thoughts and play it over and over again. Keep a piece of you in my mind and have you with me wherever I went.

The day we met something within me changed. For the better or worse I’m not sure. I drifted away from the person I was and I liked the feeling.

The day we met I fell in love. It was so deep I desired forever. It’s just too bad though because it seems our love wasn’t met to be. Yet all the memories still remain with me.



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