Forced Farewell 

A few weeks ago we laughed together. We made a ridiculous amount of noise like long lost brothers meeting after years but we actually spoke everyday. The jokes weren’t even that funny but I guess happiness is always in the company. But who knew it would be the last time.

About a month ago we were at a concert together. Eardrums vibrated with music, beers were in hand and we let the good times roll. We sang along to almost every song. Well at least I did, you never bothered to learn the lyrics. You just made up your own words along the road just trying to go with the rhythm of the beat. But who knew it would the last time.

A fortnight ago I was told you were gone. I thought to myself this must be poor taste in a joke. I even said you were going nowhere because you still owed me money. Though we both know you were never paying me back. Between us debts were not really counted. A simple “Thank you!” was always payback enough.

And just last week I was forced to say goodbye to you. Our time together was cut short and no one saw it coming. I’m still coming to terms with it. I’m still trying to understand why? It just all seems so unfair.

I write this now to try and say farewell. It’s a goodbye I wish I could’ve told you face to face. But I didn’t get the chance. Although the sadness is not gone yet and the tears are still fresh. 

Goodbye my friend, I hope you’re finally at peace.



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