A Letter To The One I Used To Love

The time of a different me.

Back then, a long while back.

Well not that long ago.

Yet still quite some time has passed by.

Sometimes it feels like it has been only a minute.

I used to see the world.

When I looked into your eyes.

The whole universe 

Used to float through my body and I savoured every breath.

The air by itself brought heights of pleasure.

I couldn’t help but indulge 

In the sweet taste of life.

But now…

I just stare and see the pain I bury deep.

Don’t get me wrong 

I’m still happy we happened. 

I learned a lot.

I took more than I lost.

At least that’s what I’d like to believe.

Yet I’m tortured by my blindness 

The blindness to our souls drifting apart.

I still wait for your side of the story 

A summary that might give dawn to some new understanding.

Though I doubt it’ll ever come.

I guess…

The four walls that surround me 

Are the only closure I’ll get to see.



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