I See



When we look into mirrors 

Or when we stare in whatever shows us our own reflection 

We’re usually the only ones to judge what we see.

At times it’s good energy and positive vibes

But other times our insecurities get the better of us 

Blame it on societies words

Blame it on social media 

Blame it on our own lack of self confidence 

Blame it on whoever 

But If I was to be that voice in the mirror 

And you would ask me

What do you see?

I’d tell you this 

I see beautiful 

I see unique 

I see a face that should always smile 

I see the joy

I see the pain

I see the constantly mended heart

I see the fear 

I see the strength 

I see the daily struggles

I see the power to overcome 

I see warmth

I see fire

I mean I feel the burn from over here.

I see what deserves love 

Not just love but lots of it.

Even still I see things beyond that.



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