The Tale Of A One Night Stand 2

Genre: Romance/Suspense

If you missed the first part you can find it here The Tale Of A One Night Stand. I hope you enjoy the read.

The dinner was awkward to say the least, few words were exchangedhere was just the clanging of cutlery and plates. Gerald searched for answers at the bottom of wine bottle after bottom of wine bottle. When Samantha left the table for the restroom, a drunk Gerald took his chance to get some answers. He waited outside the ladies bathroom and when she came out, he cast her the angriest of stares. Yet Samantha simply walked up to him and kissed him, then whispered in his ear, “Don’t act so awkward you don’t want us getting caught, do you?”

Gerald couldn’t tell what he was more angered by, the fact that he didn’t say anything and he let her just walk by him or that when she kissed him he had kissed back.

A few days later when the dinner was slowly being forgotten and things all around were returning to normal (Except in Gerald’s thoughts were guilt and the fear of getting caught still haunted him). An envelope arrived in the mail addressed to Gerald, his wife gave it no thought and just put it on the table. Gerald arrived home early as he had been doing all week, the dinners events had put him off from all escapades.

“Hey babe how was your day?” Jade greeted him as he came in.

“You know the usual, couldn’t wait to get home to you.”

“Mmmmm… You know how to put a smile on my face.”

“Haha so what smells so good?” Gerald said as he took the lid off one of the pots.

“Wait till dinner you,” Jade replied while playfully smacking Gerald’s hand away. “And before I forget something came for you in the mail, it’s on the table.”

Gerald dropped his bag and got to opening the khaki envelope. He took out the papers to realize they were photos. Photos of him and Samatha making love in the hotel room the other night. Gerald immediately shoved them back in clumsily. An all too familiar feeling soon took over him. His hands got clammy, he felt his breath escape from him, his forehead became sweaty and he couldn’t think. It was a panic attack and the worst symptom came last. The diarrhea. He burst out of the kitchen with the envelope and went straight to the bathroom.

An hour later, after calming himself down and collecting his thoughts, he finally properly scanned through the pictures. On the back of the last one there was a phone number and the statement, “Call if you don’t want your wife to find out.” He fumbled through his pockets and found his phone. Immediately he dialed the number. It felt like decades before it connected then it finally began ringing. One ring, a second… By the fourth ring Gerald was ready to burst.

“Hello,” he went as soon as it was answered.

“Bring an envelope with fifteen hundred dollars to the town square park in 30 minutes or the next package will be addressed to your wife”

“Hello who’s this? Hello,” but it was too late the call had already been dropped.

Gerald scavenged through his bedroom for all the money he had lying around. After a few minutes and a quick count he was 300 dollars short. He had to run by an atm on his way to the park. He grabbed his car keys and dashed out of the house. Shouting to his wife, “I forgot something at the office I’ll be right back” as he walked out.

Arriving at the park he had no idea what to do, was he going to just walk around hoping to recognize someone or was he supposed to call again. He hadn’t taken five steps from his car when he saw a familiar face approach him. It was the guy he had been introduced to as Lionel, or rather Samantha’s boyfriend at the dinner.

“Do you have the money?” Lionel said as he approached him.


“Hand it to me”

Gerald was hesitant but he gave over the envelope with the fifteen hundred dollars and in turn he was handed a roll of film. Lionel immediately began walking away and Gerry just stood there dumbfounded. The film in his pocket, it was long lonely drive home. He walked in and he looked like someone who had just seen a ghost. Jade was in the process of serving dinner before the final nail was hit into Gerald’s coffin.

There was a knock on the door and as Jade was still busy, Michael answered it. It was the police. A plain clothes detective accompanied by a uniformed officer. 

“Good evening officers,” Gerald said as he swallowed hard.

“Evening Sir”

“How can I help you?”

“Well there’s just a small matter we think you can help us with, if you wouldn’t mind coming to the station.”

Gerald wanted to protest but as the conversation went on and he was told the matter involved a lady he knew as “Samantha” the feeling changed. Their voices died down to whispers and he had to tell his wife he was leaving again. 

In the police car everything was explained to him. He was told about how Samantha and Lionel had been going around blackmailing unsuspecting married men. Their MO was that Samantha befriended the wife and then proceeded to seduce the husband before he had had a chance to meet her. Lionel would then set up the hidden camera in the hotel room and carry out at the transaction of the money and the roll of film. Also after the first transaction, the blackmail would become monthly for all those too afraid to confess their indiscretion to their wife. He was told he had to give a statement at the station and would be called to testify at trial.

Gerald couldn’t believe what he was hearing, his marriage was over was all he thought. Why had he given in to temptation? Why couldn’t he have just kept it in his pants? He had no idea how he would break it down to his wife.

The ride ended and Gerald was lead into the police station. Seated there in the booking room in handcuffs was Samantha. She gave him a dirty look. He met his one night stand again.



  1. vhuvu · September 18, 2016

    How did she get caught


    • TeeMadzika · September 18, 2016

      The last guy they had blackmailed had finally confessed to his wife and then reported her to the cops, in tracking her down they had found all the other guys who had been victims…

      Liked by 1 person

      • vhuvu · September 18, 2016

        Eish will he testify?


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