Morning Light


Late sunsets of the summer sky.
The horizon reddened in the distance.
The nights welcoming kiss.
When the sun meets the earth
Melting into the ground.
To disappear and be reborn again
A haven of darkness left behind.
Only getting darker and darker.
Until it reaches it’s apex.
Torturing silence at the witches hour.
Dreamt up midnight horrors
Unsettling those still awake.
Feeling as if they’re alone.
In their own corner
Left to roam the streets.
And only the dust they came from.
Will know of their legend.
Once glorious lives
Fading into forgotten memories.
Chirps of the nocturnal crickets
And the silence stops.
Thoughts are rudely interrupted.
But it’s a good moment of rudeness.
Once again.
Reminded we’re still alive
Still in the same life
Sleep finds a way in between.
And carries most to the morning light.



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