A Piece

Maybe I’ve been watching too many movies.

Maybe I imagine too much.

Maybe I really dream too big.

If there’s such a thing.

Or maybe we all go through this?

Do we all feel this disappointment?

This pain in a lack of choice.

A lack of control…



I’m shouting right now.

Though only on the inside.

Whatever force roams the streets.

I change my mind.

I didn’t ask for this.

All I wanted were the good moments 

So please all I ask is that we meet

And all the problems I’ve been delivered 

I’ll simply return.

I’ve grown tired of the cycle.

Of giving up almost everyday.

And then having to find a way to pick myself up.

Because when I do.

Every time.

I feel I always leave a piece of me behind.

I don’t know if I forget it.

Or maybe I just feel I no longer need it.

And though sometimes I feel leaving it

Makes me become a better person.

I always find myself missing 

How things used to be.



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