The Tale Of A One Night Stand

Genre: Suspense/Romance  

What’s going to be my downfall? Or an easier question to answer what’s the greatest downfall of men? Let me see. Is it the love of money? The love of women? The love of sex? Our egos? Selfishness? Wait, why am I even thinking about this. Life’s good. No that’s a lie; I meant to say “My life’s good.” You know what let me actually do some work… but then again it’s Friday. So let me just pretend to be busy, just for one more hour or so, just so I don’t lose my job. 

I really should start making better decisions though, I mean, I have a family now. But then again it’s the weekend and weekends were built on a mountain of alcohol, mistakes, throw up, used condoms and even more mistakes. The way I look at it the whole point of the day Monday is to reflect on the weekend’s bad decisions. It’s not going back to work that makes us hate Monday’s, it’s having to reflect on our poor decisions. So if we acted responsibly on our weekends, Monday would lose it’s relevance and as one to love, all I want is for everyone to feel like they matter. There it’s settled, now who am I drinking with tonight? Haha I’m feeling lucky too, so also who am I sleeping with? If only I wasn’t married.

Silently these thoughts occupied Gerald’s mind. He thought about a thousand things and nothing at the same time. In his head he was already under the club lights, out on the dance floor having the time of his life. He heard the door open and and as he looked behind, to his joy he saw his boss walking out of his office briefcase in hand. Leon (Gerald’s boss) simply waved his hand to say goodbye, oblivious to the party atmosphere that was going to erupt as soon as he walked out of the building. Gerald wanted to go ballistic, throw files in the air and jump on top of the table but he was not that well off and he still needed his job after the weekend. The celebration for the non-official end of work was restricted to just a fist pump and a grunt, “Urgh.”

 Minutes after his boss left, he packed his things and stepped out. High on the Friday feeling, he walked out like he owned the place. The best things Gerald had going for him were that he made sure he looked good, he dressed well and he smelt good. On his way home he dialed up the usual suspects. Nathan, Patrick and Brian. Best friends since his memory can remember.

First call up he got the, “Dinner with the wife excuse.” 

On the second it was, “My kid is not feeling well.” 

The third and final call it was, “I’m just not feeling up to it man, I’m sorry.”

He was left alone, the last alcoholic standing “fuck it” he told himself, “I’m going to be at the bar and Tafadzwa the bartender will probably be there so whatever!”

Gerald got home, for a long moment hugged and then deeply kissed his wife Jade, surprised his 4 year old with chocolate- it lit up her face but as usual his wife disapproved of the spoiling. After a shower, a change of clothes and a quick bite, Gerald told his wife he was meeting up the guys to see the Friday night game-Off which there wasn’t one, but Samantha simply didn’t care about sports and couldn’t be bothered enough to check his husband’s excuse.

Club Synergy. The bar/club was a good distance away from his house. It was a nice place and all but he mostly liked it because due to it’s location there was less chance of bumping into any of his wife’s friends. Gerald walked in at a painstakingly slow pace, taking in the surroundings or “scouting the scene” as he liked to call it. He got to the bar and took a seat on one of the high stools.

“Hey Gerry the usual I take it?” Tafadzwa the bartender asked over the music when he saw Gerald.

“You know it.”

Tafadzwa came over with a bottle of vodka and three shot glasses. He proceeded to fill each one of them to the brim. Gerald just popped every single shot like he was swallowing pills, he was so accustomed to the burn he longer even grimaced when drinking hard liquor. Following the shots came what was called the half and half. Half vodka and half sprite in a 400ml glass and by his first sip half of his drink had disappeared.

A few minutes passed and the alcohol was already touching the bottom. Gerald was truly well on his way to drinking all memories of the night away. As soon as he finished his glass, another drink was placed in front of him.

“Courtesy of the beautiful lady there,” Tafadzwa said pointing to the opposite end of the bar with a cheeky smile on his face. 

Gerald glanced up to see a gem, a sight for sore eyes and immediately Gerry’s ego got a boost. “I’ve still got it,” he told himself. Gerry raised his glass in the lady’s direction, in sort of a mid air toast and she raised her glass in return. After taking his first sip Gerry saw her step down from her bar stool and start walking towards him.

Nice from afar and she only looked better the closer she got to the eyes. She was truly the image of seduction, a temptress, charcoal black hair, a face that said “this is what beautiful looks like,” and a body to match. Dressed in this perfect fitting maroon dress, with a slit on the right that was so high it left little to imagination. Black and gold high heels, a purse in hand of the same design-Gerald noticed all this in just one look. She was the complete package of sexuality and class. Gerry’s throat immediately dried up and he had to take a big swig of his drink.

“Has anyone ever told you, you drink too much?” She said as she took the seat next to him.

“Well yes, but I don’t listen to bad advice.” At this she let out a soft melodious laugh and Gerry smiled in return.

“So can I join you and then we’ll just see where the night takes us?” She asked while tracing her index finger on the rim of Gerald’s glass before gently sucking on it afterwards.

“You don’t know how good that sounds but sadly I’m married,” Gerald replied showing her the ring on his hand.

“Well you can always take the night off.” With this she has Gerald smiling like an idiot.

Unarmed by the wit and sense of humour, Gerry contemplated this so fast his brain was on the brink of failure. In seconds he already had the pros and cons of sleeping with this lady tabled up side by side. It was such a moral dilemma. Though as much as it was wrong, could he really deny himself this opportunity? In the famous words of R Kelly, “His mind was telling him no but his body, his body was telling him yes!”

A few hours later, a naked Gerald slid out of bed as Samantha slept. In between walking to her hotel room and ripping each other’s clothes and trying to eat others faces off, they exchanged names and phone numbers. Though after this Gerald had no intention of seeing her again. He fished around the room for his clothes and got dressed as quietly as possible before slipping out of the room. A while later he got home to a sleeping wife. He couldn’t get himself to just join her in bed. He decided to take another shower, a poor attempt at washing away the guilt he felt.

Days went by and with Samantha’s number deleted Gerald barely gave her another thought. It was now back to being the faithful husband who maybe drank a little too much. Gerry didn’t even tell his friends about the drunken sexcapade it was a secret he was going to take alone to the grave. He knew his wife and he knew her well, he wouldn’t even dare to confess this indiscretion to a priest. A good fortnight later he got roped into a double date with his wife. He thought of his dear friend alcohol, that was the only way he would get through a dinner of pretending to like new people.

As he was coming from work, they decided to just meet at the restaurant. Gerry walked in around 6:20pm, a good 20 minutes casually late. He got into Adrienne’s, the restaurant and as a waitress approached him he asked, “Green party of four?” 

“Good evening sir, please follow me,” she replied. 

He followed behind her and soon saw his wife seated facing his direction. They were two people seating opposite her at the table but he could only see the back of their hands so he couldn’t tell who it was. As he arrived his wife stood up to hug him and give him a peck on the cheek. It was to be horror when he turned to face his wife’s friends who were joining them for dinner. Seated next to the guy he didn’t know was Samantha. Samantha from the other night Samantha.

He felt his hands tremble, his eyes water and sweat build up on his forehead. He barely heard a thing as his wife introduced them and Samantha pretended they were complete strangers.

She smiled a smile that seemed innocent to everyone else but to Gerald it said, “we meet again my dearest one night stand.”



  1. joseyphina · September 12, 2016

    Oh and it ended! 😢 I hope there will be a sequel. Nice story.

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. That Other Petra Guy · November 22

    Weekends were built on alcohol?? hahahahaha

    Liked by 1 person

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