I Have To Ask

A feeling of emptiness
Just a hollow shell
Filled with nothing but air.
No longer placing importance
On the important.
Genuine thoughts
Replaced by unreasonable worries.
Not knowing deep within.
The truth gone.
A despair about the future
Slowly becoming
A permanent condition.
No more colours anymore.
The world now
Now simply different shades.
Different shades of a bleak grey.
People now just people
No longer seeing souls
What lies behind the person.
What was once beautiful
Just becoming the usual
Blindness of the heart
A void in ones body.
Till love shines a light.
And finally what’s beautiful
Can be seen everywhere.
Well I’m no longer sure.
So I feel I should ask.
In the present day world
Is it now a naive belief
To think that love conquers all?.



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