A Moment’s Surprise 



I’m one of those skeptical people but I’m willing to try anything at least once. I’ll listen to every opinion, smile at you but once I’m home all is forgotten. I tend to only entertain my own conclusions, I guess I’m one of the few who actually take their own advice. As much as I’ve tried to find love, things simply haven’t worked out and I just decided to let love find me. Maybe I actually just got lazy but the specifics don’t really matter when we come down to it.

So soul mates are said to exist, fate is said to be involved in our life decisions some people even go as far as believing in destiny. A predesigned path of were our life will end up or who we’ll end up with. Well greater forces are believed in by almost all religions and almost everyone in life. My own beliefs are a blend of what I grew up in and what the internet opened me up to. Although the world wide web has been a great influence on me, my heart is much deeper than a few memorized quotes.

Anyways it was one November Monday. It didn’t feel like a different day from the rest, I mean the days that shock us or change our lives never do. It just blows up in an instant and you’re left there thinking to yourself “How the hell did we get here so quick?” As another morning arrived a new day with the same problems. I started off with my usual routine, going about my business silently although I’ve been told I rather talk a lot. 

Feeling a tad satisfied with myself in the days work I decided to call it a day. You know how the self employment life is, it either pushes you to better yourself or you lazy around and everything crumbles. I headed to the gym for a quick workout, I’m not into body building per say but I just like to keep fit. Well I genuinely exercise because it has some way of making me feel better about myself and it helps clear my mind. I’m not bad looking at all well at least I don’t think I am. I mean I could probably pull off a belly but their certain advantages to a lean body and these push me to put in extra effort in my workout. 

Changed and ready to have my heart racing I passed by the usual patrons and gave a few head nods in greeting. I’m generally a loner in the gym, you could say working on my own in the office has spread to most other aspects of my life. I navigated to a free spot then immediately got down to business. A few minutes later, already huffing and puffing I finally got a chance to look up. I paused for a moment but I didn’t notice it, only snapping back into reality when she caught my stare and smiled at me. 

It caught me off guard, I wanted to hide myself and keep on looking. Keep on taking her in. What a sight she was. Art in human form, a face with heavens touch, toned body curves in all the perfect places and in all the right proportions. Legs that belonged either on the runaway or in a seductive movie scene. I mean apple bottom, ample chest, skin that looked like it was dipped in milk and honey or was she just glistening with sweat. I don’t know. I had blurred thoughts, I wasn’t thinking straight. All was forgotten and temporarily her image is all that occupied the space between my ears.
My mind still frozen in the moment I took a step back and tripped over a dumbell. There was a loud clatter as I nearly hit the ground face first only just managing to arrest my fall with my hands. Suddenly all the attention shifted to me, my heart sank and I felt this overwhelming shame come over me. Euphoria had all of a sudden left and regret was quickly finding some way to creep in. 

I then heard her let out the cutest chuckle and I couldn’t help but smile. As I looked up at her I saw her quickly raise her hand over her mouth to try and muffle the sweetest of laughs. I picked myself up full of happiness. I felt proud. All by just the thought that before I had said anything I had made her smile and heard her laugh. I felt a tap on my shoulder and there she was, inches away from me. A melody rang in my ears as she smiled and said “Hi there.”

I looked into her deep enticing brown eyes and looked at her smile up close. Perfect colgate teeth, red lipstick on her lips that looked like it had just been freshly applied. I just stood there and didn’t say a word but in my head I did the math. In 2 days it would be, “I have a crush on you.” In two weeks, “I really have a crush on you.” In a couple of months, “I think I love you.” In a year, “I do.” 

I came back to reality and in a haste to say something I blurted out, “Will you marry me?” 

She laughed again and said, “You’re funny, I like you already.”

It felt like the climax before that fairytale ending. I didn’t know the future but in the moment it was definitely the beginning of that happy ever after.

-The End 



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