The Night’s Comfort

The darker the night
The brighter the dreams
An eerie stillness fills the air.
Time ticks away at a different pace
Long forgotten is the day.
A shooting star spotted.
By that superstitious soul.
Gives them an amazing glimmer of hope.
Crossing their fingers.
Closing their eyes.
And wishing while the rest of sky watches on.
Even other stars stare at this passing hero.
The one of the lucky few.
Who gets to paint their own road.
The stars and the moon.
Look down upon us.
Until the clock finally quickens it’s pace.
Night changes to day and it all returns to normal.
Well whatever normal is to you.
The stars now seem gone.
But our wishes are still with us.
The night shall return again.
To comfort the dreamers and it’s other people.



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