Hold What’s Special Close 

Genre: Romance

Love is a beautiful thing until the moment it isn’t. The situation gets complicated harsh words are exchanged or someone is ignored and usually our true feelings remain unsaid. It’s always hard to know if your feelings are reciprocated or if the other still loves you after a while. It’s even harder to make the decision to either stay and weather the storm to see what’s on the other side or to give up and move on. Because as much as the sun shines after the storm, it might have nothing left to shine on.

Patrick stared blankly at the coffee table, while his girlfriend reached the climax of the story about what had happened to her the previous day. She had been talking enthusiastically for the past ten minutes, so deep in the narrative she didn’t notice Patrick was somewhere else. 

They were sitting on a double sofa together, Patrick sat facing forward while Nicole sat adjacent to him with her legs across his lap. She got to the end of her story and in between giggles asked him, “Don’t you think what Tanaka said was a bit ludicrous?” But Patrick remained quiet gazing down as if he could see something beyond the floor. “PATRICK!” Melissa finally shouted. Calling him by his full showed she was really annoyed. It was usually Pat, baby, honey or some other pet name.

“Yeah babe, I’m sorry you were saying?” He replied.


“Well suit yourself”

“Argh you’re such an ass at times,” Melissa retorted as she pushed him in the chest.

She put on her shoes and grabbed her bag then headed for the door. Patrick still didn’t say anything. She hesitated for a moment then walked out and slammed the door. She waited outside for a good five minutes and tears began trickling down her cheeks when she realized he wasn’t chasing her.

One day went by no one called the other. Same with the day two. On day three Patrick finally caved in, it wasn’t clear if he called out of love of just the fear of losing his girl. They talked for a while and at the end of the phone call they had made up. But it soon dawned on Melissa that cycle was continuing. Pat was a gentleman for about a week then the silence came back and with it the one word answers. 

“Baby… Pat… Please talk to me,” Melissa pleaded on the phone.

“I told you I’m okay, now would you just give me some space.”

“But I want to share in your problems,” Melissa said but got no reply. “Pat… Baby… Babe,” her pleas were interrupted by the dial tone. Patrick had dropped the call.

More tears were to be shed that night. Common sense was telling her that it was over but she couldn’t come to terms with this. She loved him. Tossing and turning while awake all through the night, when morning came she had finally made up her mind. And this time she was going to follow through. It was time for her to move on.

In the past she had attempted to tell Patrick they should part ways but as soon as he smiled and said “Baby I had missed you.” She forgot all her plans, she was in love again and she was sure this time it was going to be different. The hardest lessons from life are learnt through the greatest pain and the pain she had endured was enough. It was just so sad she had no way of showing Pat the emotional scars he was inflicting.

On a Friday afternoon when she didn’t have lectures and Pat was off work they decided to meet for lunch. The date had the usual warm greetings and lukewarm conversation until they had finished their food.

“Pat we need to talk,” Melissa spoke sternly.

“Sure what about?”

“I think our relationship has run it’s course”

“What does that mean?”

“Well I think I think we should go our separate ways,” Melissa said then took a sip of water.

“What? You have some nerve you little twat,” Patrick replied with a lot of anger in his voice.

Melissa immediately stood up, “If you’re not gonna be a grown up about this I’m leaving.”

“They always come back,” Patrick shouted after her as she walked away…

A couple of weeks went by and it was all well. Until Patrick finally found himself jumping at every knock on the door, at every ring of his phone hoping by some chance it was Melissa finally back to him. But soon reality hit him and he was sick to his stomach. He couldn’t eat, he couldn’t sleep, he had basically lost the urge to live. There was a void in his life and through it came in an enormous amount of pain.

Patrick conceded defeat to his emotions. He sent an apology and even begged for forgiveness. Melissa’s message back simply read, “I understand Pat and I’m sorry I had to leave for you to come to your senses but I’m in a better place now.”

-The End




  1. vhuvu · August 31, 2016

    👏👏👏👏👏 I love this. Just what I needed to read this morning.

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