Air Borne Addiction


My eyes open released from their confinement behind my eye lids.

My mind freed from the grasp of the subconscious 

And another journey begins.

I can now feel my breath.

I inhale in new life

Purity in the air

I take it in to cleanse myself.

Rushing into my lungs and then spreading throughout my body.

My heart suddenly beats to a different rhythm.

One full of excitement.

One full of hope.

It’s not loud enough to get to my ears but still I feel it.

There’s a spring in my step.

Even my own skin is full of smiles.

I exhale out the bad, the unwanted and I feel myself relax.

Then for a moment I feel empty, I begin to see myself panic.

I want another taste.

I need to get my fix.

I need the cleanse to carry on.

So I inhale again 

And it’s like the air is giving me back parts of me I had long lost.

Parts I didn’t know were gone.

I live, I die, I sing, I cry, I smile, I’m saddened…

All in one breath at a time.

It’s almost as if everyday I live a thousand different lives.



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