What Is… ?


Is the world changing or are people just waking up from their ignorance.

Realizing that all that was being called right

Was merely a series of wrongs hidden from the light.

A slight of hand like that of a magician 

Hiding from us what the right hand is doing while we watched the left.

A system that worked until by the courage of a few it was finally exposed.

Even though things are finally out in the open 

Are we finally free?.

After all what is freedom?

I mean when we speak words freely escape from our mouth.

Yet as soon as they leave we face unknown consequences.

What is and what isn’t,

Changes depending on who likes our words or how they’re received.

As much as we believe in one universal opinion on speech.

That’s just something on the surface.

Deep underground all rights are forgotten.

In fact rights are not even recognized to exist.

So what is freedom?

We hear about it left, right and centre.

On one end of the spectrum some speak about wanting it 

While on the other some claim they have it.

But is it merely just an idea we’re told exists 

Yet in reality it’s held captive by one force or the other.

And like the sunset just when we think we’re about catch it..

It takes another step and escapes from our grip.

Really what is freedom?

Because for a long time I thought I had it.

Only to realize it was simply my mind getting so accustomed to the chains

That I no longer realized they were actually there.

What is freedom?

Because I want to know it too.

Point me in the right direction and I’ll chase it with you.

#ThisFlag #Freedom #FreeZimbabwe


One comment

  1. Goofie · August 2, 2016

    Great stuff fam!

    Liked by 1 person

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