They say happiness is a choice and the sky is the limit.

Words that are quick to mind and seem to just float of the tongue.

I’m sure that we’ve all heard the saying the best things in life are free.

It’s a saying that makes life seem so damn beautiful.

And I’d like to believe this too.

To hold on to some hope

That out there in the mist of all the chaos

There’s some maintained fairness.

A balance of sorts.

But reality weighs heavy on everyone’s shoulders.

Dreams get reduced to practicality and fears worsen.

Hope for greater things becomes just hope another breath.

The child or honest believer in us slowly fades away.

We drift to a new persona we thought we’d never become.

You could say we lose ourselves.

Carefree thoughts begin to seem like an illusion.

And life itself begins to seem like an illusion too.

Only one that’s rather persistent.

We keep telling ourselves life is what you make it.

Hoping one day we’ll believe the statement when we say it.



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