A  Journey Of Words

 The story is one written continuously.

Letter by letter.

Word by word.

Everyday is a new page.

The pen never drops until the story ends.

As soon as something is written the ink is instantly dry.

It can’t be smudged or erased.

The triumphs or mistakes remain clear,

Clear to anyone and everyone who’ll have the chance to read the book.

The writer doesn’t get to rewrite any part.

There’s only a single chance to get things right.

Although they can be apologies for a fresh chapter to do things differently.

The words already written are not easily forgotten.

The writer puts every breath he/she has into the book.

In fact they don’t simply write the story but they are the story.

Every person the writer meets gets to play some part in the novel.

Either they get to be part of the words

Or they are simply someone who gets to read one of the chapters.

Life is the pen in your hands.

Your name is the title the book is given.

And you’re the sole writer.

Painting a picture that’ll be either worth reading or sad and disappointing.



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