Hidden Deep Inside 


Can I be honest with you?

Or rather can I reveal the innermost desires I’m afraid to let you know?

It’s always so complicated with hidden emotions and hidden agendas.

The pretense of love to hide lustful desire.

I’d rather just lay it all out in the open.

Let the truth take the first step and then fate can write the rest of the story.

From the moment I first saw you;

In my mind was already a sexual fantasy before I explored your personality.

I craved to discover just how much pleasure your sweet spots could give.

Does this make me less a man and more of dog?

I don’t know.

Even now when what you mean to me is now worlds beyond just your body.

I still close my eyes and imagine the taste of your skin on my tongue.

I feel you awaken the animal within me.

But then again desiring the desirable only feels natural.



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