Walking To Your Heart


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

But once you take that step you have to keep on walking,

To reach your end destination.

Somehow while I was walking along the path to your heart.

I forgot that I had to always let you know your value and your worth.

To the point where I had to wonder;

If I’ve told you how beautiful you are lately?? 

Maybe it’s because I’m always thinking about you;

So I think you already know it and I forget to say it…

I know I sometimes I lose sight of what I set out to do but just listen to my words 

Let them penetrate and fill in all your hollow points.

What’s true is not always the most believable 

I mean it’s not everyday we choose to see beyond appearances.

My words no matter how good

Are only meant to paint the real and not a facade simply to woo you.

Did I tell you that you’re beautiful?

Never mind that I’ll just tell you again in case I didn’t say it.

The colours of the sun seem to shine on everyone.

Though on you I think they shine brightest.

We can have conversations of no depth;

Yet to me it still feels like we’re being intimate.

I wish I could have you in my arms, laying your head on my chest.

Tell me all your thoughts then you let me kiss away the pain…


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