Where do I even begin? 

What do I even say?

I feel like all the words I could speak you’ve probably heard them before.

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Well your beauty is so deep even a blind man would know of it.

The way your face breaks out a smile.

Spreading your lips,

Your lips pushing up your cheeks and exposing your pearly whites.

It’s as if the heavens are gazing upon you;

How the sunlight shines on your skin.

Even the silhouette of your shadow leaves the ground with butterflies.

In a room full of darkness the only spotlight you need is your glow.

Trust me I know

I’ve seen you in a room without the lights on before.

It’s as if you’re a divine artistic painting

Made by brush strokes from the angelic hand of perfection.

Bringing life to an otherwise dead canvas.

Do I keep going on or do I stop..??

Your beautiful image has cursed my mind with beautiful words.

Yet I feel even if I wrote for an eternity my words still wouldn’t be enough.


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