Our Only Destination 

Welcome to life 

An existence in a world of four corners that’s all on this circular globe.

You enter it with boundless opportunities

And dreams of success already cast upon you.

You’re loved and at times hated before you know what love or hate means.

Welcome to life

Welcome to Mother Nature and Father Time.

Welcome to the fair and the unfair

The black and white, and the murky different shades of grey.

Welcome to happiness, sadness, love and broken hearts.

Welcome to family, religion, wars and a never ending hope for peace.

Again I say to you welcome to life.

Black, white, asian or hispanic

You’re born into a skin that’s not of your choosing.

A skin you can’t change.

A skin that can come with either privilege or hate.

A skin you’ll wear for years to come.

It’s a skin you inherit and with it you inherit a long heritage and at times a deep culture.

“Welcome to life” 

It’s a phrase that applies not just at birth.

But at that turning point were you finally discover your purpose.

At times rude in it’s application, it always sends a clear message.

Again I say to you welcome to life.

You don’t choose were it begins but were it ends is in your hands.

The story you leave after death is one written by your own actions.




  1. Mark Thompson · May 29, 2016

    LOVE it. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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