The Nights That Followed (The Conclusion)

Genre: Suspense

Mr Devon the public defender went about his flamboyant wooing of Michael, telling him how he would fight tooth and nail till the very end, how he wouldn’t let the system conquer another innocent victim. A well practised speech he gave nearly every client he chose. He had one hell of a flair for the dramatics which was received with a slight air of annoyance by most of his clients. Although it all seemed well and fair to Michael, in fact he was rather impressed. Being one who had never needed a lawyer before he thought in Mr Devon he had found a good one.

The true impression in Michael’s mind had been left by his look, he thought it really exuded complication and success. Mr Devon wore a tailor made suit which looked impressive by any standards but he actually got his suits cheap from a Chinese smuggler who’s son he had defended. His look was completed by italian loafers and a haircut that looked like he had just got it, you know how men that are going bald hide it by constantly cutting off their hair. In fact it would be fair to say he looked like he had received laser treatment permanently stopping his hair from growing.

After the bit of a circus act Mr Devon told Michael he had scheduled him for arraignment that afternoon. The strategy he had was to fast track the trial so as to catch the prosecutor left footed and have the case thrown out. All the while telling Michael this, he kept dropping hints that some financial compensation would go a long way in the trials success but Michael either didn’t realize it or just decided to pay it no notice. Mr Devon stepped out and came back with a 2nd hand suit for Michael to wear for their first trip to court. It was missing buttons on the cuffs, reeked of french fries and was a size too small. Still Michael had no complaints, he went about changing while the rest of the arrangements were made.

No longer with the chance to talk to Michael, the detectives were relying on the forensic evidence to make this a slam dunk. Paula’s body in Michael’s car trunk was damming evidence enough, they just simply needed to confirm that the blood throughout the lounge was hers also, placing the crime scene in Michael’s house thus putting his guilt beyond reasonable doubt. They loitered around the lab as the technicians kept telling them the DNA would be out soon. For them soon wasn’t nearly soon enough.

Michael was cuffed again as he was led out from the interrogation room to the transport vehicle. Today was simple enough he would merely have to plead guilty or not guilty, the rest would be in his lawyers hands. He was put in the back a redesigned pick truck now tailor made for prisoner transfer and his lawyer Mr Devon was going to follow behind.

As the vehicle departed, back in the lab the mass spectrometer started beeping, signaling the process of DNA reading was complete. The results of the blood samples from Michael’s lounge as expected confirmed what they already knew but there was also a shock. The lab technician immediately rushed to the detectives with his findings. 

The blood in Michael’s lounge had come from three donors. The largest quantity of blood was from Paula Valdez the victim, the second donor was Michael and the third donor whose blood was found in trace amounts was unknown but the lab confirmed that the alleles were a match to a male sibling of Michael’s.

The records didn’t show that one existed, as far as the detectives knew Michael was an only child. The results simply confounded them.

“Fuck! We need to bring Michael back here,” Detective Phillips said this while already dashing for the exit. He was followed closely behind by his partner Andre Rogers. They jumped into their car and switched on the siren as they gave chase after Michael’s transport vehicle…

The detectives arrived within moments of Michael’s arrival, they didn’t bother to park their car. As they exited or rather jumped out of the vehicle they saw Michael almost at the top of the stairs to the court house, his movements closely followed by a stream of reporters. BANG! A gunshot was fired from across the stairs and Michael’s body flopped to the ground as blood began gushing from his neck. Paula’s mother dropped the gun almost as soon as the shot had gone off, the police quickly ran and surrounded her as the detectives ran toward Michael. Paula’s mother began wailing as she was being hand cuffed.

Andre Rogers got to the top of the stairs first and grabbed Michael’s neck, applying pressure to curb the blood loss and when Detective Phillips got there he tried to get a few dying words from Michael.

“Who’s your brother Michael? Who’s your brother? Answer me goddammit,” he shouted but all he got was a choking sound as Michael took his last breath. He tried grabbing both of his shoulders and shaking him but it was to no avail.

Andre Rogers tried feeling for a pulse but there was none to be felt yet he kept holding onto Michael’s neck gazing into his lifeless eyes. The ambulance got there far too late, they didn’t even bother to try and revive him he was long gone. 

And there at the edge of the crowd walking away as soon as he realized Michael was gone, was Dylan. Michael’s half brother. The true criminal. A psychopath already headed for the border and a new life with a different name…

The End.



  1. vhuvu · May 28, 2016

    Wow. I can’t believe this. Wow. I’m in shock.

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