Past, Present And Beyond 


Even though I didn’t know you in the past 

And I don’t know if I’ll still know you in the future.

I feel I should just take a breath for a moment.

Take a breathe from all the distractions to appreciate the person you’ve become.

Or maybe the person you were always destined to be.

I’m not just rushing into thoughts and letting God be judge.

I’m putting down true words from my heart;

So that saying them once will be more than enough.

And when I speak I won’t doubt that you believe me.

I know I’m not the only one who sees what I see.

The way the beautiful curves of your body light up my eyes

And I’m talking about more than just your smile.

Your soul can’t be heard but when it speaks I listen.

You make me want to be all I can be.

I finally see the reality of things that were once dreams.

All because of you just being an amazing human being.



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