She And Every Her


I think of myself as one to look at everything differently, seeing things with vision rather than sight

At times my eyes are struck by something that transcends the average.

And it gives life to words I want to be more than just words.

I could tell you how beautiful she is but we all see the same thing.

It’s just that at times the bad sides of our humanity block us from appreciating the unique.

We seem to strive so much to make people conform to our tunnel vision of what good looking is.

And anything that doesn’t fall in our bounds is unpleasing or even yet obscene.

But fuck that.

So as one to go against my better judgement I’ll still let you know how alluring every bit of her is.

What is beautiful after all?

Whatever it is she’s beyond it

And if you think different, you should remind yourself your opinion was never relevant.

From the tone of her skin to her curves that could challenge even the most twisted of mountain roads.

She is beautiful 

As if saying it once wasn’t enough I’ll repeat for those who didn’t hear me.

She is beautiful.

If you still don’t see her beauty, she wasn’t created for you she was created for those who appreciate art.

Those with an eye for the work of the divine.



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