Still Being Written 

It was more than a chance mixing of chemicals; 

That ignited in an instant

To give one who was hopeless a flame for warmth.

It had to have been destiny or fate.

I mean I just knew it wasn’t dumb luck.

Clearly a greater hand was at work and had meddled in our lives.

We met.

We exchanged words. 

And in that moment I knew it was the beginning of something beautiful.

Or was it her I simply found beautiful.

Maybe it was even both.

I’ve been told no one can know what you don’t say.

So you’re going to have to excuse my french.

In fact forget that;

I don’t need to be excused for this is just honesty.

She had that appearance which evoked images of intimate love making.

A body adorned with curves in all the right places.

I found myself.

Wanting to explore her depths.

Those discovered by having more than a simple conversation.

Well as every good thing in life deserves patience.

So the words are still coming along.

The story about her and I is one still being written.



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