A Single Night (Chapter 5)

Genre: Suspense


Gently stepping off the brake Ryan reluctantly moved his foot on to the throttle and propelled the car forward, away from No. 4 Hudson Road, away from the cops, away from the crowd of his neighbours and away from his not so innocent innocence. It was not just a simple choice of driving away and he knew this very well, he knew from the moment his foot left the brake that his life might never be the same again. His decision however, had been driven by little sense of loyalty to Michael and more an overall awe at the excitement the decision of helping him offered. 

Yet Michael wouldn’t have cared for his motives, all that was in his mind at that moment was escaping the grip of the officers. Metre after metre the car crawled down the road at an agonizingly slow place, but once realizing he was at the point of no return Ryan gave the gas his all. The road now seemed to race towards him and had he been a second late with his decision they would’ve been caught at the police checkpoint placed at the corner of Hudson Road seconds after their exit. Even though still free of crime as far as the eyes of the law and the eyes of the rest of the world were concerned he felt regret already knocking at the door.

Confined in the boot the temporary stall of the vehicle had pushed Michael’s mind into panic, he was soon in heavy sweats, his mouth dried up and his hands became clammy. He weighed his options, as if he really had any, he couldn’t run anywhere or escape and he still didn’t have a plausible explanation of the state of his house. So he was stuck there in the awkward position the size of the boot had forced him into and he just waited out what was to come. 

When the car gently rolled into motion he let out a deep breath of relief and just smiled to himself, he thought within seconds he would’ve been betrayed by Ryan and would’ve found himself in the clutches of the officers. Though the sudden raging on of vehicle although welcomed had been met with scepticism on his part, the possibility of it being a police chase hovered on the horizon of his thoughts…

Twenty minutes later or rather after what felt like an eternity to Michael, who was in the boot surrounded by darkness and an eruption of pessimistic thoughts, they arrived at Uppington shopping market. The boot of the car was popped open and Michael had never experienced such joy at the sight of the sun, the emotions about anything and everything were heightened within him because he knew these could be his last few moments of freedom. 

Together they walked into a supermarket and returned outside a few minutes later with Michael holding a bottle of whiskey, already opened and gulped down to the beginning of the neck. After taking another long drag of alcohol, Michael narrated the whole story to Ryan, from the bits he remembered of the previous night to the state he found his house in when he woke up. At the end of the conversation they decided to try and retrace his steps and find out what had taken place the previous night.

A couple of hours later, a restaurant and a club down, they were at their last stop ‘The Blackout Bar.’ The place Michael had seen Paula and the last place he remembered being. They walked in and instantly Michael was recognized. “Comeback to disturb the peace again?” Was the remark barked at him by the bulk of a man who was the bouncer and it was slightly intimidating but it gave them the hope of finding answers. Soon as the immediate tension diffused the bartenders and the bouncer were laughing with him, telling him how much of a crazy bastard he is. He was even granted access to last night’s security tapes.

The first video was one of the events inside the bar, it showed him downing shots, moving around non stop you know just basically being the life of the party. Fast forwarding it they reached the scene of his confrontation with Paula and the guy she was with. It started out as an argument and blew up into an all out brawl, the guy had to eventually be pulled off from on top of Michael and both of them kicked out of the bar. They quickly switched over to the footage of the car park, which showed Paula supporting Michael as they walked over to get into his car. It showed them leaving together with Paula driving and the unknown guy who had fought with Michael following closely behind in his own blue BMW…

-To be continued 


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