A Letter That’ll Stay With Me

Words escape me,

Except when I’m talking to myself.

I guess you could say I monologue with confidence.

Well I’m doubtful in a lot of my convictions 

But for appearances sake I speak like a believer none the less.

So let me tell you this;

 It’s never going to be the right time.

There’s never going to be a perfect moment.

Take everything you can when you get the chance.

Because we won’t have anything handed to us.

We’re not owed anything but have to prove our worth.

And through everything we must remember;

No matter what it throws at us we have to love this life.

We have to enjoy the happy moments.

We must feel the sadness but get over it.

We must give everything our all because we don’t get to live any moment twice…

But then again this is such a waste I’ve never listened to my own advice.

Because these are all words I would write in a letter to my younger self.

Even though the letter would never get to where it’s intended.



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