Broken Promise 

The darkened grayish, late afternoon sky in a wet summer.

Birds in the trees all around take off in flight

And like they’ve been threatened the dogs loudly bark.

It’s as if emotions everywhere are going haywire.

Then suddenly comes the calm before the dreaded storm.

A silence like no other as the scales hang in balance.

But the moment they tip over it’s an unstoppable downpour.

I walk in this rain without a raincoat or even an umbrella.

The raindrops give my body one hell of a pounding.

My clothes are soon soaking wet.

The insides of my shoes are overrun with water.

Yet still I remain calm.

Not even feeling the slightest urge to run home.

I’m taking every step nice and slow.

As I walk on

Each and every time my foot hits the ground.

My body seems to get colder.

In fact everything just gets so cold.

The air feels stiff as I breathe it in.

I want to search for an escape but as soon as I think about it my mind gives up.

I am much ashamed of my mistakes.

Although I believe in the strength of our love.

I know there’s only so much.

Only so much hurt that her heart can take.

I just hope my word remains my word.

I don’t want it to ever turn into a broken promise.



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